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IBM Domino Archiving

Symantec Domino Archiving Solutions Optimize Storage and Simplify eDiscovery

Domino  Archiving

Symantec's Domino archiving solutions help organizations
store, manage and discover information efficiently and

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Why Symantec?

Symantec archiving solutions help organizations store, manage and discover Domino data efficiently and cost-effectively, regardless of whether you deploy on premise or in the cloud.
Enterprise Vault
Mailbox archiving reduces storage bloat by automatically removing old, duplicate, and large messages from Domino, optimizing the size of Domino databases while keeping the end user experience simple and transparent. Journal archiving captures email sent and received, ensuring it is retained for retention and eDiscovery needs. Email can then be classified, indexed, and retention policies can be applied.
Enterprise Vault.cloud
Journal archiving reduces the size of Domino by capturing messages in a cloud-based archive that offers unlimited storage and retention for a predictable flat monthly fee. Messages are automatically indexed upon capture and remain available for search and retrieval within the archive by end users or administrators.

Seamless End User Experience

Users may quickly and easily search for and retrieve information from an on-premise or cloud-based archive.

  • With Enterprise Vault, enhanced Domino integration enables users to access archived information via common interfaces, including the Notes client and Domino Web Access, and archived messages may be cached locally to enable fast, online or offline access.
  • With Enterprise Vault.cloud, access archived email via an intuitive web portal.

Streamlined eDiscovery

Manually searching across mailboxes or NSF files, and placing legal holds on email is time-consuming and unnecessary, regardless if your search is for an internal investigation, compliance, or legal matter. Symantec Domino archiving solutions streamline this process for you.
Enterprise Vault
  • Classify email and other Domino content and apply retention policies: Quickly determine what should be archived or not and for how long. Integration with partner solutions expands archiving capabilities to IBM Connections, IBM SameTime, and IBM Quickr.
  • Integration with the eDiscovery Platform: For more robust search, review and analysis the eDiscovery Platform can search and place legal holds on information within Enterprise Vault and non-archived content.
Enterprise Vault.cloud
  • Expedite eDiscovery requests with collaborative workflow: Give the legal team and outside counsel role-based access to the archive so they can apply legal holds to information.
  • Search across archived and non-archived content: Simplify the most complex search and review requirements by exporting archived information from Enterprise Vault.cloud and importing it into the eDiscovery Platform for a complete end-to-end eDiscovery solution.
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