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Managed Security Services

Proven expertise delivering security monitoring and management services around the clock, trusted by leading enterprises around the world.

Confronting a Complex, Evolving Threat Landscape

Defending your enterprise from cyber threats has never been so challenging. The rise of sophisticated new targeted attacks poses a clear risk, and the rate of change continues to accelerate, with new attacks, malware variants and vulnerabilities emerging every day. Is your organization keeping pace?

Customers Around the World Trust Symantec

Organizations around the world rely on Symantec Managed Security Services to build and sustain a resilient incident management program. Symantec offers the global presence and scale to satisfy even the largest enterprises. Every month, Symantec Managed Security Services:
  • Analyze over 275 billion log entries
  • Identify over 40,000 potential security events
  • Escalate over 4,000 validated, severe events
Symantec has been a leading provider of managed security services for over 10 years, and has been recognized by leading industry analysts and publications.

Accelerate Detection and Response

Modern day attackers are launching increasingly more sophisticated, targeted attacks designed to evade traditional signature-based security technologies. Despite significant investment in various protection and detection products, you still don’t know whether your network has been infiltrated, how far the threats have spread and which assets have been compromised. Symantec’s Managed Security Services minimizes the potential business impact of advanced targeted attacks by reducing the time required to detect, prioritize and respond to security incidents.

Edge to Endpoint Coverage

Your IT environment is rapidly evolving to include new devices and applications—and each new technology represents a possible avenue of attack. Symantec’s comprehensive, big data approach to security analysis helps ensure enterprise-wide visibility of potential threats by aggregating and correlating unfiltered alerts from the diverse range of security technologies across your enterprise.

Correlate Endpoint and Network detections

Relying on disparate network and endpoint protection technologies is no longer enough. Detecting targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats requires an integrated, multi-layered approach. Symantec is proud to be joining forces with a select ecosystem of leading network security providers to deliver comprehensive advance threat protection. MSS Advanced Threat Protection automatically correlates network-based threat detection and advanced endpoint security protection with external threat intelligence to help pinpoint critical threats, increase the efficacy of threat investigations and streamline remediation efforts.

Pinpoint Critical Threats

With a deluge of security log and alert data, it can be difficult to know which threats pose the greatest concern to your enterprise. MSS Advanced Threat Protection cuts through the noise of false positive alerts, empowering security teams to focus their response efforts on those critical few incidents. MSS-ATP also includes automatic trace back to identify the true identity of impacted endpoints, even if web proxies and network address translation would otherwise obscure this information. And because MSS monitors your existing endpoint protection technologies, no additional software need be installed on the device.
Any information regarding pre-release Symantec offerings, future updates or other planned modifications is subject to ongoing evaluation by Symantec and therefore subject to change. This information is provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Customers who purchase Symantec offerings should make their purchase decision based upon features that are currently available.

Keeping Pace with the Fast Moving Threat Landscape

Driven by economic gain and supported by a growing underground economy, hackers and cybercriminals are constantly developing new attacks. These sophisticated criminals seek corporate intellectual property by developing new targeted attacks that can elude detection.

Global Security Intelligence

The Symantec Global Intelligence Network (GIN) offers an unparalleled source of Internet threat data to help identify new and evolving threats. The Symantec GIN has more than 240,000 sensors in over 200 countries monitoring attack activity, and more than 133 million systems providing malicious code intelligence. Symantec also maintains a comprehensive vulnerability database, with more than 40,000 recorded vulnerabilities.
Security Intelligence

Experience Matters

Advanced technology is needed to detect new threats, but experienced people and mature processes are also required. For many organizations, skilled security experts are hard to come by. Our research shows more than half of enterprises lack confidence in their ability to respond to new threats, with staffing being cited as the top issue. By providing 24x7 support to hundreds of enterprises around the world, Symantec security analysts have developed deep expertise that is very difficult to replicate by an individual organization. If a targeted attack hit your enterprise at 2am, would you have the right team on duty to respond?
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24x7 Access to a World Class Team

Symantec Managed Security Services give you 24x7 access to our world class team of over 500 security professionals in four
Security Operations Centers and 11 Security Response Centers around the world. The Symantec team is staffed by GIAC
certified analysts and CISSP credentialed engineers. This team is a key source of the threat information that is collected in the
Symantec Global Intelligence Network.
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Managed Security Services is Good for the Bottom Line

Symantec Managed Security Services (MSS) limit the costs of business disruption and data loss by reducing exposure to threats while delivering significant business advantages and lower overall costs. By outsourcing your security monitoring and management to Symantec MSS you can:
  • Realize the value of existing security technology.
  • Reduce investments in security operations infrastructure.
  • Redeploy basic security operations staff.
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Flexible Coverage at a Predictable Cost

In addition to enhancing your security posture and enabling significant cost savings, Symantec MSS offer a predictable cost
structure that facilitates operational planning. Symantec MSS can be quickly deployed, ensuring your business rapidly
benefits from a world class security capability with global, 24x7 coverage and strict service level agreements. Even as new
threats emerge you can be confident you are protected and your security operations budget will not be impacted.
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