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Symantec Advances Enterprise Mobile Offerings with Acquisition of NitroDesk

Symantec has acquired NitroDesk, provider of TouchDown™, the market-leading third-party EAS mobile application. In combination with our existing assets in app-wrapping, device management, threat protection, data loss prevention and identity management, the acquisition of NitroDesk will enable Symantec to provide a complete single-vendor Enterprise Mobility solution.
By combining our expertise with NitroDesk, Symantec will be able to improve the user experience and broaden the capabilities of this essential workforce productivity application as we move forward in our shared mission to secure corporate data on mobile devices.
NitroDesk TouchDown™ is an Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) mobile application and is the most adopted and mature mobile email application in app stores today. TouchDown™ is integrated with Symantec Secure Email, a containerized email application offered as part of Symantec App Center, to enable customers to connect devices to corporate email and utilize security policies and technologies to guard against the leakage of valuable intellectual property.
Since 2012, Symantec has continued to enhance our enterprise mobility management solution, bringing together relevant technologies required to improve productivity and protect information across devices and applications, to create a solution that allows enterprises to confidently embrace the mobile workforce.
Symantec understands that having a secure email solution is mission-critical for organizations today. Rather than rely on multiple point products for mobile device management, app wrapping, threat protection, and email client and browser apps, Symantec offers a unified solution that enforces consistent security standards, regardless of device type, without impeding the end-user’s productivity or personal privacy. Make mobility manageable for your business – while keeping your users connected, secure, and productive.
“IDC believes that Symantec’s acquisition of NitroDesk is an important step in evolving the company’s enterprise mobility strategy. Owning the technology puts Symantec on par with other companies that own IP in this space and creates a potential wrench in the plans for some of the competition. And, owing to its depth of complementary security offerings, Symantec is well positioned in a market where security must sit at the foundation of any enterprise mobility deployment. Overall, IDC believes this move demonstrates positive momentum for Symantec’s strategy and bolsters its competitive positioning in the MEM space.”
- IDC, Stacy Crook & Chris Christiansen - May 29, 2014
Symantec Continues to Evolve Mobile Enterprise Strategy with NitroDesk Acquisition
“Symantec has updated multiple components of its enterprise mobility management products, uniting the various technologies into a single system.”
- Stephen Withers, ITWire
Symantec beefs up mobile threat protection
“Symantec has pulled together a lot of different components to form their EMM solution over the last few years, . . . now with NitroDesk they’re getting TouchDown, the undisputed leader of enterprise email apps. . . . Besides NitroDesk, they’ve also been busy with a range of other mobility updates, including plans for rebranding and adjusting the SKUs for the line later this summer.”