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Renewals FAQ

The following information applies to on-premise products only. For information on Cloud and Trust Services please visit Renewals.

Why Should I Renew?

  • What is a maintenance contract?
    Your maintenance contract is like an insurance policy. It entitles you to more than just being able to contact Technical Support by telephone or logging a case online. A valid contract provides you with cover for the quantity of software licenses you own for a finite period of time (usually one year). Benefits include:
    • Reassurance: Delivery of important software updates ensure that your product works optimally and is kept up to date with the latest technology innovations and improvements.
    • Cost Saving: The ability to upgrade to the latest software versions free of charge so you can avoid financial surprises when you need to upgrade.
    • Expert Problem Solving: Guaranteed access to Symantec’s technical expertise gives you peace of mind when you need it most.
  • What is a renewal?
    Prior to its expiry date, your maintenance contract must be renewed to continue receiving the benefits. This action is called a “Renewal”. Once you renew your maintenance contract, you will receive a new License Certificate which will specify your new maintenance end date.
  • What happens if I don’t renew?
    You will no longer be able to receive the benefits of the maintenance contract. Product and content updates will stop being delivered to your product installation. If you choose to upgrade to a future version of the product, you will be required to repurchase your product license to establish your right to the latest version. You will no longer be able to call technical support or log technical support cases online via MySymantec.
  • How do I know when my maintenance contract(s) are about to expire?
    Symantec has various methods of alerting you that a maintenance contract is about to expire. Renewal notification e-mails are sent to SMB customers starting 60 days prior to the contract’s expiry date. Additionally, several of our products will alert you from the product’s management console. Finally, Symantec’s diagnostic tool (SymHelp) provides licensing information and alerts for several of our products. Your reseller is also likely to contact you about your renewal.

How Do I Renew?

  • How do I renew?
    Step 1: Identify the maintenance contract(s) requiring renewal. Decide if you would like to align their contract end dates. If you have multiple maintenance contracts, it may be possible to align your contract end dates to a single date.
    Step 2: Gather your Proof of Purchase details. Proof of Purchase information is required by Symantec to validate your license ownership and determine whether you are entitled to purchase ongoing maintenance.
    Find out more about Proof of Purchase.
    Step 3: Plan your future business needs. Renewal time is the ideal opportunity to review your usage trends and assess your future licensing needs to determine if you need to purchase any additional licenses or upgrade to a more fully-featured product. Your reseller will be able to advise you on options to suit your growing business needs.
    Step 4: Contact your reseller to place your order. Request a quote from your reseller to renew your maintenance contract(s) and/or purchase any additional software licenses. If you don’t have a partner of choice, you can search for a reseller using our Partner Locator. You can also contact Symantec to discuss your renewal options.
    Step 5: Update your product. Symantec will e-mail you a renewal order confirmation which contains: a) your updated License certificate, b) any new license purchase details, and c) details on how to update your product. You can also refer to the licensing section of your product documentation or the Symantec Knowledge Base for product specific instructions on how to add or update licenses in your product.
    Step 6: Register your new maintenance serial numbers and make sure to update/correct your designated technical support contact information. Only designated individuals at your company are eligible to call in to receive technical support. Alternatively you can email your request to support_solutions@symantec.com.

Learn More

Understanding my maintenance status

Planning my renewal

  • Can I align end dates for different maintenance contracts?
    If you have purchased software licenses and associated maintenance contracts over a period of time, you will have maintenance contracts with different end dates. Depending on the licensing program and the proximity of the maintenance contract end dates to each other, you may be able to align your maintenance contracts to a single renewal date to make your future renewals easier. This process is often referred to as “co-termination”. Per Symantec policy, maintenance end dates must be within 90 days of each other to qualify. While this practice is most common for maintenance contracts of the same product, under certain circumstances you may also align renewal dates for different Symantec products.
    You will need to speak to your reseller to discuss this option. For more information consult Symantec’s Support Renewals Policy.
  • I want to plan and budget for my renewal purchase, when is the earliest I can renew?
    You can renew your maintenance contract at any time prior to the maintenance end date displayed on your Symantec License Certificate. The new maintenance start date is always the day after the original maintenance contract expiry date.
  • Can I spread my renewal costs over the course of the renewal period?
    The minimum period for a maintenance contract is one year which must be purchased and paid for in full upfront. Generally, renewal costs cannot be spread over the course of the renewal period; however you should check with your reseller about possible payment options.
  • Can I purchase a maintenance contract for a duration that is longer than one year?
    Yes, but not all Symantec products have this option. The usual maintenance contract period is one year. Your reseller will be able to advise you on the maintenance options available for your product.
  • Can I purchase maintenance contracts for consecutive years at once?
    Yes, if you choose to purchase additional years of maintenance up front at the same time as your initial license and maintenance purchase. For more information, consult our Support Renewals Policy.
  • If I purchase more software licenses, is maintenance automatically included?
    It depends. If the additional software licenses you are purchasing are sold with maintenance already included (bundled) then, yes, the incremental number of licenses will be covered by maintenance. If the additional software licenses are sold separately from their maintenance contract, then you will need to purchase additional maintenance. However, in both cases, the maintenance end date for these new licenses will be different to the maintenance end date of your original purchase so you may wish to enquire about aligning both end dates to a common end date if possible. Your reseller will be able to advise you on your purchases to ensure that you have adequate maintenance coverage..
  • I did not purchase maintenance when I purchased my software licenses, can I purchase it now?
    Yes, maintenance can be purchased within the defined period of time per Symantec policy (30 days Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa; 60 days Asia Pacific & Japan) without penalty, provided that the original software version purchased is still supported. In this case, the maintenance contract start date will match the purchase date of the original software. For more detailed information, consult our Support Renewals Policy.
  • Is it possible to reinstate a lapsed maintenance contract?
    Yes, however certain conditions will apply as outlined in our Support Renewals Policy. You will need to contact your reseller to discuss options available to you.

My renewal purchase

  • How do I renew my maintenance contract?
    You should contact your reseller to initiate your renewal transaction. To qualify for renewal pricing, your Symantec maintenance contract period must be continuous and you should renew prior to your renewal expiration date.
  • What constitutes Proof of Purchase and why does Symantec require Proof of Purchase for a renewal purchase?
    Symantec requires Proof of Purchase (POP) of the original license(s) in order to determine eligibility and process maintenance renewal orders. Your reseller will need this information at renewal time.
    Your Renewal ID is the preferred Proof of Purchase method. Other acceptable forms from your original Symantec License Certificate are: Certificate Number or Sales Order Number or Symantec Agreement Number (SAN) -- Rewards Program only.
  • What is a Renewal ID?
    A Renewal ID is an identification number assigned by Symantec that tracks each eligible renewal. It allows Symantec to automatically link your maintenance contract to the correct software licenses and apply the correct maintenance start and end dates. You will find your renewal ID on your Symantec renewal notification emails and renewal quotations.

After renewing – what’s next?

Maintenance & Support Renewals

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