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Secure Your Point-of-Sale System

Secure Your Point-of-Sale System
News headlines have been inundated with stories of credit card breaches. Don’t be the next victim.

Symantec provides the security expertise to protect your point-of-sale (PoS) environment from today's sophisticated attacks.

Millions of Identities Can Be Exposed in a Single Attack

The rising intensity and sophisticated nature of cyber-attacks has created a precarious environment for businesses charged with protecting their customers’ personal data. In 2012, credit card and debit card fraud resulted in losses amounting to $11.27 billion. In January 2014 alone, a single cyber-attack exposed more than 105 million identities. To steal this data, one option is to target the point at which a retailer first acquires that card data – the Point-of-Sale (PoS) system. PoS systems are increasingly being targeted by these attackers, which is why it's more important than ever to protect these devices and the systems they are connected to.
Anatomy of a Point-of-Sale Attack
Attacks against PoS systems in mature environments are typically multi-staged, including infiltration, network traversal, data capture, and exfiltration.
Symantec Solutions for the Point-of-Sale Network
To safeguard your endpoints and PoS devices, you need to secure them with a strong endpoint protection solution that offers multiple layers of protection.
Symantec Solutions for the Corporate Network
Securing your credit card and PoS environment from sophisticated multi-stage attacks requires multiple layers of protection.

Anatomy of a Point-of-Sale Attack

The complex nature of retail environments has led cybercriminals to create sophisticated attack methods to target valuable credit card data. Typically these attacks are multi-stage and include the following phases:
Infiltration – There are a variety of methods to gain access to a corporate network. Hackers can look for weaknesses in external facing systems or attack from within.
Network traversal – The malicious files that the cybercriminals have secreted within the network might stay in hiding, trying to gain access to other systems until they find a way to access the PoS environment.
Data capture – Once inside the PoS environment, the threat will install additional malware, which might secretly collect personal data every time the cards are swiped. The data will continue to accumulate in an internal staging server until the time comes for exfiltration.
Exfiltration – To facilitate exfiltration, the card data will move from a staging server to other systems within the corporate network that have legitimate external access. The threat manipulates these systems to transmit externally the card data to cybercriminals.
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Symantec Solutions for the Point-of-Sale Network

Securing your credit card data and PoS environment from sophisticated multi-stage attacks requires multiple layers of protection. Starting at the endpoint, Symantec offers two solutions to help protect credit card data on PoS devices.
Safeguard your Point-of-Sale Network
Safeguard your Point-of-Sale Network
Symantec Endpoint Protection
Symantec Endpoint Protection offers integrated multiple layers of protection to safeguard your endpoints, including PoS devices or web kiosks running Windows Embedded or other versions of Windows. In addition to standard signature-based antivirus, Symantec Endpoint Protection offers application control, network threat protection, device control, and advanced behavioral and reputation malware detection to harden your PoS devices and safeguard your customers’ credit card data.
Symantec Critical System Protection
In environments with PoS devices that run on variations of Linux, Unix, or other non-Windows operating systems, Symantec Critical System Protection can provide the strong protection these devices need. It has a small resource footprint and doesn’t require any definition files, making it ideal for non-Windows PoS devices with low resource needs.

Symantec Solutions for the Corporate Network

In addition to securing the your Point-of-Sale devices network, you also need to think about how to safeguard the broader PoS environment. Through a full spectrum of security solutions and services, Symantec can help defend your entire PoS environment against even the most persistent and sophisticated attacks.
Safeguard your Corporate Network
Safeguard your Corporate Network
  1. Host-based access controls can safeguard the servers that connect to your PoS devices.
  2. Set up a first line of defense at your gateways – especially email gateways – is key to stopping cybercriminals at what is often their first point of attack.
  3. Servers and PoS systems need robust authentication controls to prevent unauthorized access and block malware propagation within your environment.
  4. SSL certificates can secure your credit cardholder data by encrypting it while in transit.
  5. Finally, a data loss prevention solution can scan traffic leaving your network to ensure confidential data is not leaving your environment.
  6. Detecting known and emerging threats requires not only advanced technology, but also highly specialized security expertise. Symantec Managed Security Services reduces the time it takes to detect, prioritize and respond to security incidents by providing 365x24x7 monitoring of your POS network.

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