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Symantec knows your SharePoint environment is quickly becoming a primary application and a repository for your organization's intellectual property. Symantec solutions for SharePoint help ensure maximum uptime, storage optimization, backup, recovery, and antivirus protection.
The evolution of SharePoint from a document management platform to an enterprise social and collaboration solution, presents unique challenges to SharePoint customers. As user adoption increases, not only must they accommodate the growth of traditional document libraries, they must also accommodate new content sources such as lists, discussion boards and social content such as wikis and blogs. Proactive management is essential as this increase in usage can strain SharePoint indexes and storage resources. Sites can rapidly proliferate and content can live on beyond its usefulness causing SharePoint to become cluttered and content hard to find.

Symantec Enterprise Vault

Enterprise Vault enables customers to improve scale, efficiency, and access to content within SharePoint. By offloading older content and document versions to less expensive storage, SharePoint environments can thrive and scale. In addition, SharePoint archiving not only provides short-term, immediate storage optimization benefits but also becomes a core component of a customer's long-term information governance and eDiscovery strategies.

Key Benefits

Reduce SharePoint clutter and optimize storage

  • Archive libraries, custom lists, wikis, blogs, discussion boards and more.
  • Replace files and document versions with shortcuts to reduce the size of the SharePoint content database.
  • Accelerate migrations to newer SharePoint versions.
  • Deduplicate redundant files across the entire archive (including Exchange, File systems and more).

Enable SharePoint governance

  • Apply retention and deletion policies to archived SharePoint content.
  • Expire sites when projects are completed but archive and retain site content for governance and compliance.
  • Enable rapid search and eDiscovery for internal audits and legal purposes.

Preserve the SharePoint user experience

  • Seamless shortcuts maintain end-user access/editing/restore of content in the archive.

As the leader in data protection, Symantec offers comprehensive data protection for SharePoint environments of all sizes. Easily protect databases, lists, and documents with a single pass backup while significantly reducing storage costs and improving backup and recovery times. Plus, centralized and automated backup management improves service levels.

Key Benefits

  • Online backups and restores of SharePoint environments
  • Rapid restore of individual files, folders, sub-sites, lists, etc.
  • Archive and remove an entire document library when a project ends
  • Restore complete SharePoint server farms, in minutes, in the event of disaster
  • Reduce data protection costs, storage and complexity as you grow
  • Support for both physical and virtual environments


Centralized, automated backup and recovery across enterprise SharePoint Server farms, ensures continued availability of services and data spanning physical and virtual servers.

  • Centralized administration — Single console to protect multiple SharePoint farms

  • Automated backup — Schedule automatic, unattended backups of local or remote client systems

  • Granular recovery — GRT level recovery for individual objects from a single backup

  • Flexible Restores — Restore redirection at Web App and individual object level to a farm or into another farm

  • Maintain user access during the backup — SharePoint Server objects are backed up without taking SharePoint offline

  • Storage optimization — Global deduplication and compression reduce the media requirements significantly
Solution Brief: Symantec NetBackup, Microsoft SharePoint Data Protection

Backup Exec

Backup Exec 2012 is the gold standard in virtual and physical backup and disaster recovery while offering unmatched recovery capabilities. Powered by Symantec V-Ray technology, Backup Exec 2012 restores entire servers, applications, databases, files, folders and granular objects through a single pass backup.

  • Reduce complexity, save time and money - Single unified solution for virtual & physical with centralized management

  • Storage agnostic – Supports almost any tape or disk storage device

  • Easy to use – Intuitive and easy to use interface makes the backup of SharePoint resources painless

  • Fast, flexible and reliable recovery - Restore individual documents, SharePoint site, list items or an entire application from a single pass backup

  • Reduce storage and network traffic – Integrated source, target and appliance deduplication
Data Sheet: Backup Exec 2012

System Recovery

Cost-effective and reliable solution for small businesses that enables recovery of complete systems or data in minutes — not hours or days.

  • Bare metal recovery — Full system restoration to the same or dissimilar hardware in minutes. No more manual reinstalls and reconfigurations

  • Physical to virtual conversions – Cross-platform Physical-to-Virtual (P2V), Virtual-to-Virtual (V2V), and Virtual to-Physical (V2P) makes migration and cross platform recovery ridiculously simple

  • Granular restores – Rapidly restore files, folders, and granular Exchange and SharePoint objects from a single pass backup

  • Simplified administration — Centralized management capabilities to protect SharePoint and Windows services
Data Sheet: Symantec System Recovery 2013

Symantec Protection for SharePoint Servers provides detection, removal, and repair of infected files from viruses, spyware, and other threats. It not only quickly scans files in real time as they are uploaded and downloaded, but also offers an off-box scanning option for increased performance and scalability.

Symantec Protection for SharePoint Servers

Key Benefits

  • Provides award-winning, real-time protection against viruses, spyware, adware, and other malicious threats
  • Allows for manual and scheduled scanning of the SharePoint document library
  • Offers off-box scanning option to increase performance and scalability
  • Integrates tightly with Microsoft's SharePoint Administration Console to provide a single management interface for configuring all SharePoint settings, both locally and remotely
  • Can be used with Symantec Enterprise Vault for SharePoint and Symantec Backup Exec for SharePoint to deliver a comprehensive security, archiving, and data recovery solution
Symantec, a leader in Data Loss Prevention, delivers a content-aware solution to discover, monitor and protect confidential data wherever it is stored or used.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention for Storage

Symantec Data Loss Prevention for Storage lets you find confidential data stored in SharePoint servers and take measures to protect it from loss.

Key Benefits

  • Gain visibility into where confidential information is stored in SharePoint servers
  • Automatically identify owners of confidential data to enable remediation
  • Reduce the proliferation of confidential data across SharePoint servers
  • Demonstrate compliance with internal and government regulations