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Upgrade to Symantec Enterprise Vault 11

Faster Performance. Bigger Platform. Better Productivity.

Symantec Enterprise Vault™ 11 blazes new trails with enhancements to Performance, Platform and Productivity. As an Enterprise Vault customer with current maintenance, you are entitled to the software upgrade at no charge. View the Enterprise Vault Upgrade Matrix

Speeding Archive Access and More

Enterprise Vault 11 helps enhance end user experience by enabling seamless access to archived information when and where needed. Those familiar with Vault Cache and Virtual Vault for Microsoft Outlook for Windows will appreciate Mail Connect, a new feature that provides a similar experience for Outlook for Mac and IMAP-compliant devices, such as smartphones, tablets or desktops. Archived mail may be viewed on line or offline with Mail Connect.
In addition, we’ve completely redesigned and simplified how end users search for archived information. The new Enterprise Vault Search offers a rich, cross-browser search experience over desktop or laptop or in tablet- or mobile-optimized form factors. It unifies and replaces the existing features of Archive Explorer, Integrated Search and Browser Search. End-users will soon be finding archived information quicker and easier than ever. Enterprise Vault Search offers an intuitive yet comprehensive search interface with browsing speeds up to 18 times faster than in previous versions.
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Helping Customers Retain Meaningful Information

While Enterprise Vault 10 delivered the optional Enterprise Vault Extensions to provide a framework on which Symantec Technology Enabled Program (STEP) partners may develop custom archiving applications to target non-native sources, such as UNIX and Linux file systems, Enterprise Vault 11 further extends its platform reach to support virtually any email platform, on premise or cloud-based. Administrators may optionally configure the Mail Connect feature to utilize IMAP for enabling end user archiving of Google Gmail, Zimbra, Microsoft Office 365 and other email platforms. Authorized users simply drag-and-drop email into a Mail Connect folder, which is archived and indexed by Enterprise Vault, and this means the content is searchable, discoverable and retention-managed like other content within the archive.
New with Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 is enhanced SMTP archiving. This feature enables direct archiving of any content sent to Enterprise Vault via any application or product that supports sending email via the SMTP protocol.
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Making the Administrator’s Life Easier

While we will continue to explore, develop and deliver innovative features such as Mail Connect to help address emerging customer business requirements, Symantec also strives to make it easier to administer the archive. With more than 21,000 Enterprise Vault customers worldwide, it’s imperative we do so. In Enterprise Vault 10, we introduced notable PST migration and monitoring features, and with Enterprise Vault 11, we continue building on this foundation with additional capabilities.
Customers using Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) will benefit from further centralization of monitoring activities. Based on research collected over the past few years, we estimate our enhanced SCOM Management Pack may be able to help customers reduce the time spent on daily check activities by up to 45%. This functionality was enhanced in both Enterprise Vault 11 and 11.0.1. And while PST migration functionality delivered previously tended to focus primarily on client-side experience, with features such as Migration Prioritization and Migration Status Reporting, Enterprise Vault 11 focuses on the administration side of PST migration, with additional scalability and key features such as the ability to override password protection for a PST file or intelligently sample contents of PST files to help determine ownership.
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Managed Enterprise Vault Services

Symantec Managed Enterprise Vault Services provide comprehensive 24x7 monitoring & management of your archiving environment under strict SLAs, allowing you to focus on your core business priorities while retaining ownership of your archiving technology. For more information, visit the Managed Enterprise Vault Services page.

Education Services

Symantec offers a full portfolio of training offerings to support the Enterprise Vault product solutions. Whether you're new to Enterprise Vault or upgrading to Enterprise Vault 11, the comprehensive portfolio is designed to help you take advantage of the features, and get the most from your Symantec investment. Learn to deploy and operate the product in a lab environment, learn best practices on information archiving to store, manage, and discover critical business information efficiently. For more information, visit Enterprise Vault 11 training.

Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud

Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud is a cloud-based archiving service that helps organizations store, manage, and discover business-critical information. Enterprise Vault.cloud securely captures information in a centralized and tamper-proof online repository, with seamless end user access and rapid search functionality. For more information, visit the Enterprise Vault.cloud page.

Fast Track to Technical Resources

The Symantec Support web site and the Symantec Connect community are your portals to technical resources for Enterprise Vault and other Symantec solutions. Visit the destinations below for direct access to the latest, popular technical documentation for Enterprise Vault.

Ready to upgrade to Enterprise Vault 11?

Customers with current maintenance for Enterprise Vault may download the software from Symantec FileConnect.

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