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Business Challenge: Software and Patch Management


Patch and software management establishes processes for managing the lifecycle of software assets such as applications, patches, operating systems, and hot fixes for clients and servers.


  • Difficulty understanding which systems require patches and which are up to date
  • Manual patch management process results in inefficiency and errors
  • Reducing security exposure by ensuring all devices are compliant with patch requirements
  • Minimizing end-user downtime due to poor application management or patch deployments
  • Constantly responding to incidents rather than proactively managing day-to-day procedures
Software and Patch Management
Reduces IT costs and complexities of software and patch management while improving efficiencies with comprehensive, integrated client and server management.
  • Manage and analyze client machines and servers for software updates, patches or upgrades
  • Reduce system vulnerabilities, chance for human error, deployment time and overhead by automating the software update and patch management process
  • Shorten the time it takes to make changes within scheduled software maintenance windows
  • Automate repetitive, time-consuming IT tasks to reduce operational costs
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