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Business Challenge: PCI Compliance


Establishing a security baseline across your IT environment that protects payment card information wherever it is collected, transmitted or stored to achieve, maintain and exceed the requirements of the PCI compliance standard.


  • Demonstrating payment card industry compliance with the detailed requirements of the PCI Data Security Standard
  • Ad-hoc approach to passing the annual audit
  • Large amounts of data to collect and analyze, often manually
  • Limited internal expertise to dedicate to the resource-intensive audit process
  • Lack of internal testing and follow-up
  • Poor understanding internally as to the role of each employee in ensuring the PCI compliance is met
PCI Compliance
Automate PCI DSS compliance processes using a risk-based approach to protect information, address threats quickly, and reduce costs and risks.
  • Exceed requirements of the standard with market-leading security technologies protecting payment card information from perimeter to endpoint
  • Simplify the PCI DSS compliance process with out-of-the-box policy templates, customized reporting and automated controls assessment
  • Reduce the audit burden through ongoing security, not just point-in-time compliance, with continuous testing and remediation
  • Enhance your capabilities with Symantec’s world-class, QSA-certified security practitioners
  • Reinforce responsibility with customized PCI training
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