Try a Symantec SSL Certificate

Two Options to Try: 30-Day Risk-free Production Certificate or 30-Day Test Certificate

Symantec is the premier provider of Symantec SSL Certificates. Try any of our Symantec SSL Certificates on your site for FREE and find out for yourself why our products are used by 93 percent of the Fortune 500 and 97 of the top 100 SSL using banks worldwide. Or, if you simply need to test SSL encryption before you deploy it in a production environment, use an instantly-issued test certificate to do so.
  Symantec SSL Certificates Symantec SSL Test Certificate
How to try
What visitors see VeriSign Trusted Seal HTTPS in Browser Bar
If your website directly collects credit card numbers, addresses, passwords and other sensitive data lies in a test environment to where visitors will not navigate
If you want to
  • secure data transfer with SSL encryption
  • instill trust and customer confidence
  • communicate business legitimacy
  • increase site traffic
  • maximize conversion rates
  • secure data transfer with SSL encryption
  • test SSL encryption in a pre-production environment
What you get
  • Risk-free 30-Day trial
  • Fully functional, production-grade SSL Certificate
  • Access to the Norton Secured Seal
  • Full business authentication
  • Website malware scan
  • Symantec Seal-in-Search
  • Risk-free 30-Day test certificate
  • Ability to test encryption within your test environment
  • Instant issuance
More information
  • One trial permitted per fully qualified domain
  • Ability to try all SSL Certificates including EV SSL Certificates
  • Convert seamlessly to a full-term SSL Certificate – no need to create a new CSR or reinstall
  • Ability to test multiple times for the same domain
  • Limited to Secure Site SSL Certificates
  • Uses a non-production root
  • Not for use on publicly-facing websites