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ON Technology and Centennial Software Team Up
To Offer Network-Based Asset Management

Integrated Solution Provides Ideal Platform
for Windows 2000 Migrations & Ongoing Management

Waltham, MA, November 8, 2000 – ON Technology (NASDAQ: ONTC), a leading provider of remote software delivery solutions, today announced that it is now offering Centennial Discovery™ to help organizations manage, track, and reduce the costs of their technology assets and complement its flagship product, ON Command CCM™. Centennial Discovery is a next-generation network inventory tool that details what IT assets a company has, where they're physically located, how they're configured, and when changes are made to them. ON Command CCM has been judged by industry analysts, reviewers, enterprise IT managers and service providers as the best unattended solution for remotely delivering business-critical software across the extended enterprise.

Centennial Discovery is ideally suited for identifying all machines on the network and creating target deployment groups for remote software delivery. For example, an organization planning a Windows 2000 migration would use Centennial Discovery to identify all PCs that are W2K-compliant -- based on minimum processor, memory and hard drive requirements -- and then use ON Command CCM to rebuild all PCs in the target group with Windows 2000 and associated applications. ON Command CCM can then be used to manage the PCs on an ongoing basis and automatically deploy updates to operating systems, applications, configuration settings, and virus signature files.

"Centennial Discovery fits our strategy of offering customers a choice of best-of-breed solutions," said Phil Neray, Vice-President of Marketing, ON Technology. "In comparison, traditional desktop management suites oblige customers to accept bundled functions with weaker functionality. Centennial Discovery is fast, innovative, and extremely easy-to-use, and we're proud to be offering it alongside ON Command CCM."

ON now offers IT organizations and Management Service Providers (MSPs) a complete family of best-of-breed solutions consisting of: ON Command CCM for remote software delivery; ON Command Remote™ for remote control and Help Desk troubleshooting; and Centennial Discovery for inventory tracking. Leading IT industry analysts have identified these three functions as critical elements of a comprehensive management strategy based on "Best Practices".

"Network-based inventories using Centennial Discovery can significantly reduce the time and cost of an IT audit and can also make regularly scheduled inventories feasible, giving IT managers more up-to-date information," said Suzanne Sliter, General Manager of Centennial Software. "Centennial's patent-pending LANProbe technology is also unique in determining the physical location of devices, combining the advantages of both a physical and network inventory."

Features & Benefits

  • Product Integration: The two products have been integrated at multiple levels. ON Command CCM can be used to automatically deploy the Centennial agent to all PCs on the network; the ON Command CCM agent can remotely wake-up PCs and trigger the Centennial agent to perform a real-time inventory scan -- "on-demand" -- without requiring end-user intervention ; target groups created from queries in Centennial Discovery can be used by ON Command CCM to create targeted deployments; the Centennial console can be launched from the ON Command CCM console.
  • Support for Mobile & Remote Devices: As with ON Command CCM, Centennial Discovery uses standard IP networking and can therefore communicate with PCs via intermittent connections such as WANs and dial-up Internet connections as well as with PCs that are permanently connected via LANs.
  • Patent-Pending LANProbe: Traditional physical inventories have the advantage of identifying the actual physical location of devices within the office premises. Centennial's LANProbe is unique in identifying the physical location of devices as well as information about installed hardware and software. It does this by interrogating switching and routing devices to determine to which port each item is attached; if the device moves to another location, the new location is automatically registered in the repository.
  • Generating Alerts and Monitoring License Compliance: Centennial Discovery can alert administrators whenever end-users have installed unapproved applications on their systems (such as games), removed hardware from their systems, or physically moved them to a different location. It can also be used to track software installations in order to maintain legal compliance with software licensing regulations.
    For additional product information about Centennial Discovery, please visit

Availability & Special Introductory Pricing
Centennial Discovery is currently available from ON Technology. ON Technology is offering a special introductory pricing program for ON Command CCM customers, valid until December 31, 2000. Competitive upgrades are also available. Please contact ON Technology for pricing details at or 800-767-6638.

About Centennial Software
Centennial Software is the North American subsidiary of Centennial UK Ltd., a privately-owned British software organization that develops solutions to assist companies in managing, controlling and reducing the costs of their technology assets. Centennial's products include Centennial Discovery and the Centennial 2000 Enterprise Editions for corporate PCs. For further information visit Centennial's Web site at

About ON Technology Corporation
ON Technology empowers IT organizations and service providers to manage the full lifecycle of their computing systems over large-scale corporate networks. Our solutions are used to rapidly and reliably deploy critical applications, operating systems, and content to desktops, mobile PCs, handhelds, servers, retail point-of-sale (POS) terminals and banking workstations. Our customers leverage our solutions to significantly reduce IT costs, improve availability and reliability of business-critical applications, and enhance both IT and end-user productivity. ON’s management solution has been chosen by more than 1,000 enterprises worldwide to manage in excess of 1.2 million networked computer systems. For more information visit ON Technology’s Web site at or call 800-767-6638.


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