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ON Command CCM Product Line Extended to Manage
Large-Scale Web Hosting and ASP Server Farm Environments

ON Technology Enables Faster Scaling for Internet and e-Business Infrastructure Providers

Waltham, MA, November 14, 2000 – ON Technology (NASDAQ: ONTC), a leading provider of remote software delivery solutions, today announced new server management capabilities that enable Internet and e-Business infrastructure providers to scale more rapidly while delivering higher quality of service to their customers. The company's new product, ON Command CCM™ for Servers, allows service providers and enterprise IT organizations to rapidly provision large numbers of servers from centralized point-and-click consoles and remotely deliver the latest patches, applications, and configuration changes to multiple machines simultaneously over the network. A recent Forrester Research report predicts 68 percent compound annual growth over the next five years in the Web hosting market, with managed hosting expected to be an $11 billion business by the year 2004.

Customers report a significant reduction in the time required to build and configure servers using the automated capabilities provided by ON Command CCM for Servers. A complete server build, including application installation and system configuration, can now be accomplished in as little as 10 minutes with CCM. This compares to a typical time of 4-6 technician hours using conventional manual approaches, freeing scarce technical personnel to focus on other critical infrastructure support activities.

"Aberdeen sees a strong value proposition in ON Command CCM for Servers," said Valerie O'Connell, Managing Director, Aberdeen Group. "The value begins with remote unattended provisioning of servers. It's fast and accurate, and the value continues across a lifecycle horizon that includes countless upgrades and patches, not to mention the occasional but vital emergency restoration. There's a good fit here for service providers and enterprise IT organizations who should save time, and, in the process, free up human talent for more rewarding assignments. Plus, the consistency of automation should cut down the technical problems associated with installing and configuring Windows-based servers."

According to market research firm IDC, over 4 million new Intel-based servers are expected to ship in 2000. ON Command CCM™ for Servers can be used to remotely deploy server operating systems such as Windows 2000 Server & Advanced Server, Windows 2000 with Windows Terminal Services (WTS) for thin-client environments, and Windows NT4; service pack updates and disk administration utilities; Web server applications such as Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and Site Server; database applications such as Microsoft SQL Server; and messaging applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server. In addition, open published interfaces and tools allow customers and partners to deploy virtually any custom or off-the-shelf server application.

"ON Command CCM for Servers is the first product to deliver 100% unattended server roll-outs including post-installation configuration and ongoing software management," said Phil Neray, Vice-President of Marketing, ON Technology. "For ISPs, ASPs, MSPs and enterprise IT organizations, it's a flexible and reliable way to rapidly scale their Internet software infrastructures and add online capacity. If you've ever built a server from scratch - including installing applications and sitting through multiple reboots - you can appreciate the time and tedium saved by automating the process on lots of machines simultaneously with ON Command CCM."

Optimum Quality of Service
ON Command CCM for Servers helps service providers deliver enhanced service levels in three ways:

  • The system's unique back-end database tracks all installation and configuration changes so that servers can be rapidly and automatically rebuilt in case of system hangs or corruption.
  • The use of automated pre-tested procedures ensures consistent server configurations and eliminates the potential of human error resulting from conventional manual ad-hoc approaches.
  • ON Command CCM leverages the built-in reliability and intelligence of vendor-supported native installation programs, rather than attempting to reverse-engineer installation programs or clone identical hardware and software configurations as with traditional approaches.

Support for Industry Standards
ON Command CCM for Servers also leverages the latest hardware and software standards to deliver unattended network-based operation, easy integration with existing network environments, and reduced training requirements.

These standards include:

  • PXE: Pre-boot execution Environment (PXE) is a network booting mechanism that allows ON Command CCM management servers to take control of remote servers even in the absence of a working operating system. PXE is part of the Intel Wired for Management (WfM) specification which has been broadly adopted by PC and server manufacturers.
  • Microsoft Management Console (MMC): The ON Command CCM administrative console is a snap-in to the MMC, which reduces training requirements by providing a consistent and intuitive Explorer-like interface across all Windows 2000 management functions.
  • Standard IP Protocols: All network communication is based on standard IP-based protocols such as DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), providing easy integration across LANs and WANs.
    ON Command CCM has been judged by industry analysts, reviewers, enterprise IT managers and service providers as the best unattended solution for remotely delivering business-critical software across the extended enterprise.


Availability & Pricing
ON Command CCM for Servers is currently shipping and priced at $500 per managed server. Subscription-based pricing is also available to match ASP/MSP pricing models - please contact ON Technology for details. ON Command CCM for Servers is being demonstrated in Booth #A3833 of the ASP Pavilion at Comdex 2000, Sands Convention Center, November 13-17.

About ON Technology Corporation
ON Technology empowers IT organizations and service providers to manage the full lifecycle of their computing systems over large-scale corporate networks. Our solutions are used to rapidly and reliably deploy critical applications, operating systems, and content to desktops, mobile PCs, handhelds, servers, retail point-of-sale (POS) terminals and banking workstations. Our customers leverage our solutions to significantly reduce IT costs, improve availability and reliability of business-critical applications, and enhance both IT and end-user productivity. ON’s management solution has been chosen by more than 1,000 enterprises worldwide to manage in excess of 1.2 million networked computer systems. For more information visit ON Technology’s Web site at or call 800-767-6638.


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