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PowerQuest DeployCenter 5.5 Reduces Time, Cost and Complexity of Deploying Windows Workstations

Latest DeployCenter upgrade helps solution providers and enterprise customers address critical business needs in OS deployment

OREM, Utah – Feb. 24, 2003 – PowerQuest® Corporation, a provider of storage lifecycle automation to businesses worldwide, announces the release of PowerQuest DeployCenter™ 5.5, the latest upgrade of its solution to help corporations rapidly deploy images including operating systems and applications. New enhancements to DeployCenter give IT administrators greater flexibility and control in deploying and upgrading Windows® workstations and virtually eliminate the need to physically visit the PC.

Built on PowerQuest’s Storage Lifecycle Automation Management™ (SLAM) architecture, DeployCenter 5.5 leverages PowerQuest’s Virtual Volume Imaging (V2i™) technology to provide businesses a faster process for building and maintaining their workstation environments by automating system upgrades and deployments. Organizations desiring to upgrade to Windows XP, for example, can do so quickly and efficiently with little cost by using DeployCenter 5.5 to distribute a standard desktop image to hundreds or thousands of systems in minutes, all from a centralized location.

“PowerQuest DeployCenter and its add-on solutions empower us to efficiently service our customers' varying deployment, migration and system retirement needs,” says Chris Power, president of PowerConsulting, an independent technology consulting firm in New York. “We also use these solutions to automate clients’ very common, but time-consuming management tasks such as rebuilding Windows systems. We can significantly reduce their time and costs by automating the PC lifecycle using these deployment, migration and data disposal solutions from PowerQuest."

In addition to its existing multi-cast functionality, PowerQuest DeployCenter 5.5 now includes the ability to unicast images, which eases remote deployment and requires less direct administrator involvement. Administrators can also mount images utilizing ImageExplorer, which gives them greater flexibility in managing images and performing tasks such as accessing individual files from within the image or scanning for viruses. DeployCenter 5.5 also includes a new PXE server to increase the power and control of remote unattended deployments.

Additional new features in DeployCenter 5.5 include:

  • Improved scripting to provide more freedom in automating deployments without user intervention.

  • Boot Disk Builder enhancements to ensure larger numbers of DOS devices can be simultaneously deployed.

  • Updated engine to improve stability and workflow for more reliable deployments.

  • QuickBoot executables to allow virtual floppy contents and required files to be copied and decompressed automatically from the network during image deployment.

DeployCenter 5.5 Add-on Solutions
PowerQuest DeployCenter 5.5 customers may purchase the following deployment add-on solutions:

  • The PowerQuest PowerDeploy Option™ includes (i) PowerQuest Migration Manager™, which allows IT administrators to easily migrate system, network and Windows settings, along with end-user data files, and (ii) DataGone™, which simplifies the task of retiring old systems by safely erasing old hard disks and ensuring confidential files cannot be recovered.

  • The PowerQuest Deploy Toolkit™ leverages the Windows PE 32-bit environment to create an accelerated deployment process with the convenience of operating in a Windows 32-bit environment.

Additional Information
PowerQuest DeployCenter 5.5 is available in English, French, German and Japanese through PowerQuest partners and by visiting the PowerQuest Web site at The PowerQuest PowerDeploy Option and the Deploy Toolkit are available to DeployCenter 5.5 customers only by visiting the PowerQuest Web site at or For a list of PowerQuest partners worldwide, please visit the PowerQuest Web site at For additional product information, including pricing, white papers, product profile and system requirements, please visit the PowerQuest Web site at For more information on Storage Lifecycle Automation Management (SLAM) and V2i technology, visit

About PowerQuest
PowerQuest Corporation is a global provider of automated deployment and recovery solutions for corporations and individual users. Based on the company's Virtual Volume Imaging (V2i) technology and Active State Management (ASM) architecture, PowerQuest products and services simplify the management of storage throughout the technology lifecycle. PowerQuest products are available directly from the company and throughout a network of partners in more than 34 countries.

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