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Viglen Licenses PowerQuest's Drive Image Special Edition as Disaster Recovery Solution

Viglen products in the UK to include PowerQuest's Drive Image Special Edition for improved disaster recovery and reduced support costs

OREM, Utah (U.S.A.) / Reading - March 20, 2000 - PowerQuest® Corp. announced today that it has signed an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Viglen Ltd. Viglen Ltd., part of Viglen Technology plc, a designer and assembler of computers and peripherals in the UK since 1975, will include PowerQuest's

Drive Image Special Edition across its computer range to simplify disaster recovery for customers and reduce Viglen's technical support costs.

By incorporating Drive Image Special Edition with its computers, Viglen can now minimise the disaster recovery process for its customers and significantly reduce technical support costs, all without requiring users to deploy additional hardware.

Drive Image Special Edition will be featured across Viglen's award-winning range of desktop and mobile products, including Viglen's new Genie range of high-performance desktop PCs, which incorporate the latest Intel 820 chipset technology.

Bordan Tkachuk, Viglen Chief Executive, comments: "PowerQuest has an excellent reputation for developing pioneering software and technology. Working in partnership with them, we can deliver the highest standards of quality and performance to our customers. The incorporation of the PowerQuest Drive Image Special Edition across Viglen's desktop and notebook range highlights our commitment to offering businesses the freshest and most ground-breaking technology for a powerful computing experience."

"Drive Image Special Edition is a proven solution to maximise efficiency and provide an easy support resolution for customers," says Daniel Power, UK Sales Manager at PowerQuest Corp. "The technology in Drive Image Special Edition gives customers the benefits of reduced down time for disaster recovery and gives Viglen the benefits of lower support costs and increased customer satisfaction."

About Viglen
Viglen Ltd., part of Viglen Technology plc, has designed and assembled computers and peripherals in the UK since 1975. A major supplier to the corporate, education and public sectors, Viglen supplies IT products to two thirds of British universities and is the principal supplier in over half of these, including Oxford and Cambridge. Based in Alperton, West London, the company currently produces over 100,000 systems annually and employs more than 400 staff. For more information, see

About PowerQuest
PowerQuest Corporation is a global provider of automated deployment and recovery solutions for corporations and individual users. Based on the company's Virtual Volume Imaging (V2i) technology and Active State Management (ASM) architecture, PowerQuest products and services simplify the management of storage throughout the technology lifecycle. PowerQuest products are available directly from the company and throughout a network of partners in more than 34 countries.

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