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PartitionMagic Adds Windows 2000 Support

PowerQuest's award-winning partitioning software adds partition manipulation under Windows 2000 Professional

OREM, Utah - March 21, 2000 - PowerQuest® Corp. announces the upcoming release of PartitionMagic® 5.01 with support for Windows 2000 Professional. Users upgrading to the latest operating system from Microsoft can now access all the partition manipulation functionality of PartitionMagic, including the ability to convert, merge and resize partitions on the fly.

PartitionMagic 5.01 is scheduled to be available in April. If using PartitionMagic 5.01 prior to installing Windows 2000 Professional, users can install and run PartitionMagic natively from an existing operating system (Windows 95, 98 or NT workstation) to create and manipulate a partition for Windows 2000. If PartitionMagic 5.01 is installed on a Windows 2000 Professional OS, two boot floppy disks are created that allow users to manipulate all partitions on the drive with PartitionMagic's Windows-like Zinc interface from DOS. The same operations can be performed in the Zinc interface as can be performed in Windows.

PartitionMagic 5.01 with Windows 2000 Professional support will be available in April in English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

The PartitionMagic 5.01 update CD is only needed for users upgrading to Windows 2000 Professional. The only changes made in the update were to support Windows 2000. Users upgrading to Windows 2000 Professional should contact PowerQuest mid-April by visiting our Web site ( or calling 1-800-379-2566 (in North America) or +1-801-437-8900. The update is free for registered PartitionMagic 5.0 users; however, the user's current PartitionMagic 5.0 serial number, valid registration, and a minimal shipping fee are required when ordering.

About PowerQuest
PowerQuest Corporation is a global provider of automated deployment and recovery solutions for corporations and individual users. Based on the company's Virtual Volume Imaging (V2i) technology and Active State Management (ASM) architecture, PowerQuest products and services simplify the management of storage throughout the technology lifecycle. PowerQuest products are available directly from the company and throughout a network of partners in more than 34 countries.

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