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PowerQuest V2i Protector 2.0 Sets New Standard in System and Data Protection for Corporate Servers and Desktops

Server and desktop versions with hot incremental data protection enable organizations to drastically reduce backup window and improve time to recovery

OREM, Utah – June 10, 2003 – PowerQuest® Corporation, a provider of storage lifecycle automation to businesses worldwide, announces PowerQuest V2i Protector™ 2.0 Server Edition and PowerQuest V2i Protector 2.0 Desktop Edition, the latest versions of its popular disk-based backup and disaster recovery solution for Windows® servers and desktops. In addition to extending its Virtual Volume Imaging (V2i™) technology to Windows desktop and mobile laptop systems, V2i Protector 2.0 further reduces the amount of time needed to create backup images, as well as to recover from a disaster, providing a complete bare-metal recovery when needed. PowerQuest’s newest version can be configured to create periodic incremental backup images, ensuring that all changes to a system and its data are captured and stored without re-imaging the entire volume. Incremental imaging allows administrators to schedule frequent real-time backups to occur throughout the day without interrupting data and application accessibility or substantially impacting system performance. It also minimizes network bandwidth and backup storage requirements.

V2i Protector 2.0 Server Edition now supports Windows NT® Server and Windows 2003 Server in addition to Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Advanced Server. V2i Protector 2.0 Desktop Edition provides support for Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 Professional systems.

V2i Protector 2.0 also contains a new user interface that streamlines product use. Support for Active Directory makes the administration of multiple Windows server and desktop environments even easier. In addition, the new version includes enhanced functionality to back up and restore critical database volumes.

“PowerQuest V2i Protector 2.0 allows us to virtually eliminate our backup window and improve the frequency of our server and desktop backups without stopping system operations or disrupting application usage and data access by our users,” says David Boosamra, IT administrator at Antidote Design and a beta tester of V2i Protector 2.0. “With Windows Server 2003 support, deploying V2i Protector 2.0 across our enterprise ensures we no longer have to worry about a potential system crash. It’s reassuring to know that both our data and the active state of our system operations are protected and can be recovered quickly and easily, even during working hours if needed.”

V2i Protector 2.0 was developed within Microsoft’s® .NET framework and gives customers a simple and open architecture to recover systems and data from backups stored locally or remotely. Backup images can be saved directly to any network storage device such as a SAN, NAS or RAID array, as well as local removable media such as CD-R/W and DVD-R/W. V2i Protector 2.0 can also mount backup image files as read-only network or workstation drives that can be shared to other network users or groups for easy access and recovery of individual system and data files. Since mounted backup images behave as read-only replicated drives, other operations such as scanning for viruses, executing applications and disk staging for tape backup can be used.

V2i Protector 2.0 has improved on previous versions by adding the following new functionality:

  • Hot incremental imaging: allows for more backups to be taken periodically throughout the day without having to take the server or desktop offline and decreases the amount of storage and network bandwidth required to keep up-to-date backups.

  • Incremental rollbacks: Administrators can now restore a system to a selected point in time, ensuring quicker recovery times by restoring smaller, incremental backup files rather than large, complete backup images.

  • Improved support for database backup and recovery: permits the user to simultaneously capture & restore multiple database volume-sets, keeping information that is spanned across multiple volumes in synch.

  • Support for Windows NT Server and Windows 2003 Server: addresses the mixed Windows environments many IT professionals oversee by adding to existing support of Windows 2000 and Windows 2000 Advanced Servers.

  • Removable and spanned media support: allows users to write and save backups directly to a CD-R, CD-R/W, DVD-R, DVD-R/W, DVD+R and DVD+R/W.

  • Updated Recovery Environment: includes updated hardware drivers for common server, desktop, laptop and removable media hardware, providing a simple auto-detection process during bare-metal recovery. This feature provides boot-level access to network, USB, FireWire, CD or DVD drives where backup images may be stored.

  • Integrated disk-to-disk copy functionality: facilitates the rapid migration of volumes from one hard drive to another.

  • Remote deployment and configuration (server edition only): deploys server agents without having to visit each machine.

Pricing and Availability
PowerQuest V2i Protector 2.0 Server Edition and PowerQuest V2i Protector 2.0 Desktop Edition will be available in June in English, French, German and Japanese. Corporate customers can purchase PowerQuest V2i Protector 2.0 Server Edition for an MSRP of $995 per server*. PowerQuest V2i Protector 2.0 Desktop Edition will be available for an MSRP of $79 per workstation*.

Both products can be purchased through PowerQuest partners or by visiting the PowerQuest Web site at For a list of PowerQuest partners, please visit the PowerQuest Web site at

Additional Information
For detailed information about V2i Protector 2.0 Server Edition and V2i Protector 2.0 Desktop Edition, including system requirements, please visit For more information on Storage Lifecycle Automation Management (SLAM) and V2i technology, visit

About PowerQuest
PowerQuest Corporation is a global provider of automated deployment and recovery solutions for corporations and individual users. Based on the company's Virtual Volume Imaging (V2i) technology and Active State Management (ASM) architecture, PowerQuest products and services simplify the management of storage throughout the technology lifecycle. PowerQuest products are available directly from the company and throughout a network of partners in more than 34 countries.

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