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PowerQuest Delivers Complete Lifecycle Management for Enterprise Computer Systems

PowerQuest PowerDeploy Suite provides tools for efficient image creation and deployment, system migration and system retirement in Windows NT/2000 environments

OREM, Utah (U.S.A.) - July 16, 2001 - PowerQuest® Corporation, a provider of proven solutions for storage management, today announces the release of the PowerQuest PowerDeploy Suite™. This suite provides an integrated solution for managing the entire lifecycle of a company’s computer systems, including imaging and deployment, system migration, management of system updates and system retirement.

"Organizations are moving forward with Windows 2000 migrations this year in large measure. Tools such as the PowerDeploy Suite can help make the migration process easier for organizations migrating thousands or tens of thousands of users,” said Fred Broussard, Senior Research Analyst at IDC.

The announcement of the PowerQuest PowerDeploy Suite is the second in a series of announcements targeted at providing storage management solutions for the midrange enterprise. Earlier this year, PowerQuest introduced the PowerQuest PowerManage Suite, which provides real-time management of enterprise-wide, mission-critical Windows NT and Windows 2000 Server storage.

Remote System Deployment
PowerQuest PowerDeploy Suite includes PowerQuest DeployCenter™ , which provides the solutions to help corporations deploy images, systems and applications efficiently to individual or multiple workstations. A key element in PowerQuest DeployCenter is PowerQuest ControlCenter ST™. This secure Web-based graphical user interface (GUI) console acts as a central point to intelligently create, schedule, execute and report PC and server management tasks, such as imaging, deploying, restoring and managing networked systems. With PowerQuest ControlCenter ST, tasks can be executed on an individual or group basis immediately, scheduled for a later time or scheduled to repeat at specified intervals. Because PowerQuest ControlCenter ST is a Web-based console, all tasks can be completed from any remote location with access to the Internet.

PowerQuest ControlCenter ST also provides information on the status of task execution on client systems and a history of scheduled tasks for reference at a later date. The suite’s notification feature will alert administrators by e-mail when tasks are completed.

PowerQuest DeployCenter offers the following additional benefits:

  • Proven imaging solution – Based on PowerQuest’s popular Drive Image technology, DeployCenter offers an effective method for creating and deploying images of hard drives or partitions to remote clients or stand-alone workstations. Using PowerQuest’s SmartSector® technology to copy only sectors that contain data, an exact image is created and data integrity is maintained throughout the imaging process.

  • Ease of use – Virtual floppy technology provides a DOS-boot environment on the hard drive, allowing the administrator to operate the product even in a non-DOS environment. In addition, with its pre-boot execution (PXE) and Wake-on-LAN support, DeployCenter enables technicians to quickly and easily introduce new systems onto a network, without having to physically visit them.

  • Network-based deployment – In a matter of minutes, DeployCenter allows companies to deploy complete images or individual applications to multiple systems simultaneously using its PowerCast™ technology.

Easy System Migration
PowerQuest PowerDeploy Suite also includes PowerQuest Migration Manager™, which provides the ability to migrate users quickly and easily to new hardware or operating systems without having to move system settings manually, thus reducing downtime and impact on user productivity. System administrators can restore an image with PowerQuest DeployCenter and then migrate user settings and data with PowerQuest Migration Manager. PowerQuest Migration Manager offers the following benefits:

  • Efficient operating system upgrades – By migrating system, network and Windows settings, as well as end-user data files, PowerQuest Migration Manager provides a migration process that efficiently transfers a user’s profile to a newly-installed OS.

  • Automated hardware transfers/upgrades – Users who lose connectivity settings or valuable system files often become frustrated and unproductive. PowerQuest Migration Manager enables users to upgrade to new hardware without the usual worry and hassle of losing or manually moving system settings and user data.

  • Ease-of-use – PowerQuest Migration Manager features a menu-driven interface with scripting capabilities to help automate the migration process.

Secure System Retirement
PowerQuest PowerDeploy Suite also incorporates DataGone™, PowerQuest’s secure system deletion solution, which allows customers to safely erase hard disks. Administrators may select up to five options for overwriting data. By overwriting the deleted portion of a disk several times, DataGone effectively prevents future hard disk users from recovering sensitive, confidential files. DataGone is in compliance with three U.S. government standards for overwriting data.*

PowerQuest Professional Services
PowerQuest offers an enhanced level of Professional Services** to PowerQuest PowerDeploy Suite customers, including maintenance, training and implementation services. The basic maintenance offering includes standard 24x7 support (U.S. and Canada only). On-site product training and hands-on solution implementation services will teach administrators how to take control of their storage resources. For additional information on PowerQuest Professional Services, please visit the PowerQuest Web site at

Pricing & Availability
The PowerQuest PowerDeploy Suite will be available in English, German, French and Japanese in late July. Pricing for the PowerQuest PowerDeploy Suite varies based upon the number of licenses purchased. PowerQuest PowerDeploy Suite will be sold through the PowerQuest Global Licensing Program, PowerQuest’s value-added resellers (VARs) or the PowerQuest Web site at For more information on the PowerQuest Global Licensing Program, visit For a list of sales associates or VARs in your area, visit PowerQuest DeployCenter, PowerQuest Migration Manager and DataGone also are available separately. For additional product information, visit the PowerQuest Web site at

System Requirements
For system requirements on PowerQuest PowerDeploy Suite, PowerQuest DeployCenter, PowerQuest Migration Manager and DataGone, please visit the PowerQuest Web site at

About PowerQuest
PowerQuest Corporation is a global provider of automated deployment and recovery solutions for corporations and individual users. Based on the company's Virtual Volume Imaging (V2i) technology and Active State Management (ASM) architecture, PowerQuest products and services simplify the management of storage throughout the technology lifecycle. PowerQuest products are available directly from the company and throughout a network of partners in more than 34 countries.

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