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New Version of PowerQuest Drive Image Pro Enriches Options With CD-R/W Support

Drive Image Pro 4.0 adds CD-R/W support, a native 32-bit multicast server,script builder, Windows Millennium Edition Support

OREM, Utah - Sept. 18, 2000 - PowerQuest® Corp., a provider of proven solutions for storage management, announces the release of Drive Image® Pro 4.0, the latest version of PowerQuest's solution for imaging and deploying PC workstations in minutes. Among its new features, version 4.0 enriches the media support by allowing the user to create a hard disk image directly to CD-R/W media. It also enables users to automate entire processes with a custom script builder.

Users will save even more time and steps by running the new native 32-bit Windows® PowerCast Server, a multicasting feature that is faster than its DOS predecessor, directly from within Windows. In addition, users can now benefit from the latest operating systems as support for Windows Millennium Edition® has been added.

"With the rapid adoption of Windows 2000® and Linux® operating systems, our enterprise customers demand a robust migration solution," says Brad Webb, product line manager for Drive Image Pro. "Drive Image Pro 4.0 is the perfect solution to help IT managers quickly and efficiently upgrade the workstations throughout their enterprise."

Key New Features of Drive Image Pro 4.0

  • Users will immediately feel at home and get right to the business of managing their images with the new Windows Explorer-like interface that Drive Image File Editor includes. Users can copy partitions from an image, selectively restore individual files from within an image, compress an image, combine multiple images into one, and prepare an image to be spanned across multiple disks or CDs.

  • Media options have expanded in Drive Image Pro 4.0 by allowing users to write and restore an image directly to or from a re-writable IDE, SCSI or ATAPI MMC2-compliant CD-R/W drive, which includes most new drives.

  • Task Builder simplifies automating the entire deployment process by providing an easy-to-use interface to effortlessly build custom scripts that automate creating, restoring, or deploying a custom image by simply pointing and clicking on desired tasks without worrying about syntax. It can also create and use a virtual floppy and run any script written for PartitionMagic® Pro, PowerQuest's premier partition-manipulation software, which is included with Drive Image Pro. This makes the automation potential for partition manipulation virtually limitless within version 4.0.

  • A new native 32-bit Windows version of PowerCast Server is faster and saves steps by allowing the user to run it from within a Windows session without having to boot out to DOS as was previously required. Combining SmartSector technology with TCP/IP multicasting, it remotely "PowerCasts" an image to hundreds of computers across the enterprise in minutes.

  • Users can now benefit from the power of new operating systems as support for Windows Millennium Edition has been added.

DeltaDeploy, a utility that allows the user to manage changing desktop environments from a central location, and distribute software updates and changes across the network and Internet without having to visit each client, is also included.

Common Drive Image Pro 4.0 Scenario
As an example of how Drive Image Pro 4.0 can be used, a computer lab administrator wants to start each week with a completely clean image on each of the 100 workstations in the lab. Each machine contains several partitions for operating systems, applications, and user data files.

In preparation, the IT manager sets up and configures one machine exactly as the remaining 99 workstations should appear after the cloning process is completed, by installing the operating systems, all applications, and any needed data files to the appropriate partitions. Then an image of the entire hard drive is created using Drive Image Pro 4.0. The IT manager then decides to write the image to a hidden NTFS 5.0 partition, protecting against unwanted deletion and ensuring that the clean image will always be there.

Using Task Builder, the manager creates three things: a virtual floppy of the standard PowerCasting client diskette, a task for the PowerCast Server, and a task for the PowerCast clients or workstations. The virtual floppy contains instructions for the workstation to boot into PowerCast mode. The PowerCast Server task instructs a host machine to run in PowerCast Server mode and wait for the 99 clients to attach to it to begin a PowerCast session. The PowerCast client task instructs the 99 workstations to reboot using the virtual floppy that is stored in an accessible folder on the network.

Using DeltaDeploy Manager, these tasks are scheduled to run at midnight each Sunday on the respective machines. Each Sunday at midnight, the host machine is started with the PowerCast Server task. Each workstation also reboots using the virtual floppy stored on the network, runs in PowerCast mode, logs on to the PowerCast Server and waits to begin the image deploy process.

When the 99 workstations have logged on to the server, the PowerCast session begins and simultaneously blasts the clean image to each workstation, creating an exact duplicate on each machine. Once the PowerCasting session is complete, each workstation automatically reboots, wiping the virtual floppy from memory and allowing it to boot into the new clean operating system. The entire image deployment process executes unattended while the IT manager is sleeping.

System Requirements
Intel 486DX processor or higher, 16 MB RAM (32 MB for FAT32 or hard disks larger than 4 GB), 40 MB free hard disk space, Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 Workstation, Millennium Edition, 2000 Professional, OS/2,or DOS (5.0 or later), VGA or higher video support, 3.5? diskette and CD-ROM.

Pricing and Availability
Drive Image Pro 4.0 will be available in late September through PowerQuest?s Global License Program (GLP) from PowerQuest sales associates or one of PowerQuest's value-added resellers (VARs). For a list of sales associates or VARs in your area, visit Pricing for Drive Image Pro 4.0 varies based upon the number of licenses purchased. Drive Image Pro 4.0 may also be purchased through PowerQuest's Web site at In North America, customers may also purchase the product directly from PowerQuest Corp. by calling 1-800-379-2566.

Drive Image Pro 4.0 will be available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese Traditional, and Chinese Simplified. A Korean version is scheduled to be available at a later date.

About PowerQuest
PowerQuest Corporation is a global provider of automated deployment and recovery solutions for corporations and individual users. Based on the company's Virtual Volume Imaging (V2i) technology and Active State Management (ASM) architecture, PowerQuest products and services simplify the management of storage throughout the technology lifecycle. PowerQuest products are available directly from the company and throughout a network of partners in more than 34 countries.

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