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PowerQuest ServerMagic 6.5 for NetWare Gives IT Managers Powerful NetWare Administration Tools

Solution minimizes system downtime and reduces overall cost of network administration by delivering NetWare server reconfiguration, deployment, backup and disaster recovery

OREM, Utah – Dec. 5, 2003 – PowerQuest® Corporation, a global provider of deployment and recovery solutions, announces ServerMagic® 6.5 for NetWare®, the latest version of its powerful solution providing NetWare server reconfiguration, upgrades, deployment, backup and disaster recovery. ServerMagic 6.5 for NetWare simplifies server upgrades and manages growing storage needs by easily creating, deleting, moving, copying, resizing, imaging and merging NetWare volume segments across hardware configurations. ServerMagic 6.5 for NetWare also converts existing traditional volumes into flexible and robust NSS pools and ensures NetWare servers are protected against disasters by generating backups of system and data volumes.

“ServerMagic 6.5 for NetWare is a reliable and essential solution for NetWare administrators to manage many aspects of their storage environment,” says Katie Richert, owner of KLR Consulting and a ServerMagic 6.5 beta tester. “The product allows us to leverage the power and functionality of NetWare as well as perform tasks in a fraction of the time it would take to manually perform them.”

Rather than going through a server reconfiguration process that can typically take several hours or days to manually back up, reconfigure the volumes and then restore the data back to the server, IT administrators can now use ServerMagic 6.5 for NetWare to resize volumes without losing data. In addition, administrators can ensure their servers are consistent as well as protected by capturing an image of the volumes and pools on the system and deploying or recovering systems and data in minutes. ServerMagic 6.5 for NetWare can also minimize system downtime and reduce the overall cost of network ownership by performing a bare metal restore in minutes using the bootable CD Recovery Environment.

Based on PowerQuest’s Virtual Volume Imaging (V2i™) technology, ServerMagic 6.5 for NetWare adds time-saving, essential functionality to NetWare when performing server reconfiguration, deployments, upgrades and system recovery. Administrators looking to upgrade NetWare may find themselves having to resize partitions in order to accommodate new boot partition requirements. ServerMagic 6.5 for NetWare eliminates many of the steps administrators go through to undergo an upgrade which can involve backing up the server, deleting all the data, partitions and volumes, installing the new NetWare software as well as configuring partitions/volumes and finally restoring the data. Administrators can simply use ServerMagic 6.5 for NetWare to convert traditional NetWare volumes to NSS pools without using free space. This process also ensures that existing NetWare information and NDS objects are leveraged and converted to the newer NetWare version.

ServerMagic 6.5 for NetWare delivers the following additional functionality:

  • Ability to reconfigure and manage NSS pools, including functionality to expand and shrink NSS volumes in place and manage the volume quota. Users can also create, rename and delete NSS volumes and pools. This functionality helps the IT administrator manage growing storage needs.

  • Conversion from existing traditional volumes to NSS pools provides a simple method to leverage powerful NetWare volume management capabilities.

  • Ability to mirror partitions, merge traditional volume segments and resize volumes and NSS pools gives flexibility in administration of storage resources.

  • The ServerMagic Drive Map allows NetWare administrators to easily see partitions, volumes and pools in their physical locations on the server’s disks.

  • Support for NetWare 3.x through NetWare 6.5. (NetWare 3.x to 5.1 support is provided by ServerMagic 4.0 for NetWare, which is included with the product).

  • Ability to dismount and image specific NSS storage volumes and pools while keeping other NSS pools online. Administrators can also copy and move NSS volumes between storage devices and verify the integrity of NSS volumes.

Pricing and Availability
PowerQuest ServerMagic 6.5 for NetWare will be available mid-December worldwide in English. Corporate customers can purchase PowerQuest ServerMagic 6.5 for NetWare for an MSRP of $450 per server* through PowerQuest partners or by visiting the PowerQuest Web site. For a list of PowerQuest partners, please visit the PowerQuest Web site at

Additional Information
For more information on Active State Management (ASM) and V2i technology, visit

About PowerQuest
PowerQuest Corporation is a global provider of automated deployment and recovery solutions for corporations and individual users. Based on the company's Virtual Volume Imaging (V2i) technology and Active State Management (ASM) architecture, PowerQuest products and services simplify the management of storage throughout the technology lifecycle. PowerQuest products are available directly from the company and throughout a network of partners in more than 34 countries.

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