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Global Supplier Diversity Business Development

Supplier Diversity

Symantec recognizes the value and importance of diversity as a distinct business advantage. As such, we have established a diverse network of suppliers to provide the support, services, and products our company needs to operate successfully. We are committed to continually enhancing our methods of outreach to existing and potential new diverse suppliers and to identifying opportunities for their continued growth.

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Supplier Guidelines & Information

Code of Conduct

Symantec is a global leader in providing security, storage, and systems management solutions. The very nature of our business-assuring the security, availability, and integrity of our customers' information-requires a global culture of responsibility. Ethics and integrity are the foundation of Symantec's business success. Therefore, Symantec declares its support for, and has elected to adopt this document as its Global Supplier Code of Conduct (or "Code") applicable to its Suppliers of products and services¹.

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Standard Terms & Conditions for Purchase Orders

The referenced Symantec standard terms and conditions for purchase orders are effective on the date of the purchase order.

Payment Terms

Unless otherwise specified via contract, terms of payment will be net 60 days. All time periods for payment commence on the later of the date of actual receipt of the invoice by Purchaser or the date of the actual receipt of the Products or Services by Purchaser. When an invoice is subject to discount based on the date of payment, payment is deemed to be made for the purpose of earning the discount on the date of mailing of the Purchaser’s check.

Global Accounts Payable Information

Global Accounts Payable information (A resource location for all Suppliers to find information regarding Accounts Payable processes) Read the information contained on this webpage to ensure you are following all Accounts Payable guidelines and processes. Suppliers that do not follow these instructions will have their invoices rejected.
NOTE: Standard payment terms are net 60 days – see Procurement guidelines


The iSupplier portal enables existing suppliers to manage Purchase Orders, Invoices and Payment Status

Shipping Instructions

Shipping Instructions document outlines the shipping instructions for Symantec suppliers. When freight charges are directly or indirectly paid by Symantec, Symantec approved carriers must be used to transport the goods. Domestic Freight Terms will be FOB, Origin Freight Collect or Third Party Billed on Symantec carrier accounts. International Terms and instructions are shown in the document. In the document are carrier routing instructions and routing information for your information.

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