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Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Data Leak Prevention

  • 8 Years in a Row
    8 Years in a Row
    Symantec is the Only 8-Time Leader* in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Loss Prevention.

    * Vontu was acquired by Symantec; previous titles include Magic Quadrants for "Content Monitoring and Filtering" and "Data Loss Prevention."
  • Cost of a Data Breach Study
    Cost of a Data Breach Study
    Ponemon Institute's 2013 global analysis.
    Download the executive summary or full report.
  • What’s New in Data Loss Prevention 12
    What’s New in Data Loss Prevention
    Discover the improvements and new features available in the latest version of Symantec Data Loss Prevention.
  • Employee Attitudes Revealed on Intellectual Property Theft
    The "Frenemy" Within
    A study by Symantec and the Ponemon Institute shows that everyday employees' attitudes and beliefs about IP theft are at odds with company policies.
  • Say Yes to iPhones and iPads
    Bring Your Own Device
    Symantec Data Loss Prevention for Mobile monitors and protects sensitive data sent from your iPad® and iPhone® mail client, browser, and apps, such as Facebook®, Twitter® and Dropbox.

What is Symantec Data Loss Prevention?

It is comprehensive data security solution that discovers, monitors, protects and manages confidential data wherever it is stored or used. Symantec DLP helps organizations protect their information against loss and theft, comply with global data privacy laws, and safeguard their reputation.
Workflow & Management


Ninety percent of DLP is about what you do after you find confidential data. With the Symantec DLP Enforce Platform, you can easily manage policies and remediation workflows, review incident snapshots, and measure risk reduction from a unified, web-based management platform. The Enforce Platform comes standard with the Symantec DLP Suite.
Email & Web


Email and web are two of the most common channels for data loss. A recent survey found that 50 percent of employees regularly email work files from the office to personal accounts. Symantec DLP for Network, Endpoint, and Mobile monitor egress points, endpoints and mobile devices to prevent confidential data from being exposed over network protocols.
  • Monitor and protect network communications sent by users — on or off the corporate network — over SMTP/TLS, HTTP/HTTPS, IM, and FTP.
  • Monitor and protect network communications sent to and from mobile devices over ActiveSync, HTTP/HTTPS, and apps.
Cloud Applications


Users are moving confidential data in all directions and never cleaning it up. A recent survey found that one-third of employees upload work files to cloud storage services like Dropbox. Symantec DLP protects confidential data as it moves outside the four walls of your organization to the cloud.
  • Monitor and protect confidential messages sent from cloud email services like Microsoft Exchange Online and Gmail.
  • Monitor and protect confidential files sent to cloud applications like Microsoft SharePoint Online and Dropbox.
Mobile Devices


Employees are bringing their own devices to work and accessing confidential data from them, with or without permission from IT Security. In fact, a new study revealed that 2 out of 5 employees download work files to their personal smartphones and tablets. Security teams can now manage Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies while securing confidential data with Symantec DLP for Mobile.
  • New! Monitor email downloaded to mobile devices over ActiveSync.
  • Monitor and protect network communications sent from iPads and iPhones over ActiveSync, HTTP/HTTPS, and iOS apps like Dropbox and Facebook.
Laptops & Desktops


Employees are downloading and sending confidential data while in the office, on the road or at home. Symantec DLP for Endpoint monitors and protects data used on laptops and desktops, when users are on or off the network.
  • Scan and inventory internal hard drives for confidential data.
  • Encrypt, quarantine or relocate exposed files to secure network folders.
  • Keep confidential data from being exposed on endpoints over email, web, IM, FTP, USB, DVD, print/fax, clipboard, and third-party applications.
File Shares, Databases, & Repositories


Users are storing large amounts of confidential files on the corporate network with open access, which leaves them vulnerable to loss and theft. Symantec DLP for Storage scans your network and data centers to discover and protect confidential data stored on file shares, databases, and repositories.
  • Scan and inventory networked file shares, databases, document repositories, and web content servers at high speeds to discover where confidential data is stored.
  • Improved! Monitor file usage and access patterns on network-attached storage (NAS) filers, Windows servers, and SharePoint libraries.
  • Improved! Identify the data owners of exposed files and folders; alert security teams to anomalous activity or outlier users; and facilitate secure collaboration with access visualization and analytics.
  • Encrypt, quarantine or relocate exposed files to secure network folders.


Add-on scalable agents and options tailored to your environment
Show All Agents, Options and Add-Ons Hide All Agents, Options and Add-Ons



  • Stop spam, malware, and data loss threats. New integration capabilities available in Symantec Data Loss Prevention and Symantec Messaging Gateway deliver comprehensive inbound and outbound email protection for enterprises.



  • Symantec Web Gateway, with its integrated ability to act as an enforcement point for Symantec Data Loss Prevention, gives customers the ability to monitor and protect sensitive information being communicated across the Internet.



  • Symantec Enterprise Vault features Symantec's data loss prevention technology to analyze Microsoft Exchange email content and metadata to help determine the archiving and retention strategy for all messages.


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