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Encryption Family

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  • Symantec Encryption Solutions
    Symantec Encryption Solutions
    Protection for laptops, desktops, endpoints, email, mobile, and data in the cloud.
    Bundled Encryption Solutions: Implement multiple encryption solutions to create a more complete security solution and better handle compliance regulations.
  • Endpoint Encryption
    Endpoint Encryption
    Protection for laptops, desktops, servers, USB drives, and removable media.
  • Email and Mobile Encryption
    Email and Mobile Encryption
    A suite of email encryption solutions for desktop, gateway, and mobile email including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.
    Mobile Email Encryption: Learn how to extend encryption to your mobile device through desktop email encryption.
  • File Share Encryption
    File Share Encryption
    Protection for files and folders.
    File Share Encryption: Encrypt files and folders before they're sent to the cloud. In the cloud, they remain encrypted so only your authorized users can gain access.
  • Encryption Management Server
    Encryption Management Server
    Reduce complexity and costs by automating policies and managing multiple encryption solutions including key management from one central location.

What is Symantec Encryption?

Symantec’s encryption solutions enable organizations to deliver data protection with centralized policy management through the optional use of Encryption Management Server. Our solutions provide standards-based technology, centralized policy management, compliance-based reporting, and universal management for your encryption products.


Need to easily scale and automate your encryption solutions and policies across your organization from one location?
Encryption Management Server

Encryption Management Server

Provides a single console to automate group and individual policies, deployments, and to manage multiple Symantec encryption applications.


Need to protect your sensitive data on endpoints such as laptops, USB drives, or other media devices from loss or theft and comply with various regulatory and compliance mandates?
Symantec Drive Encryption

Drive Encryption

Provides organizations with full disk encryption for all data (user files, swap files, system files, hidden files, etc.) on desktops, laptops, and removable media.
Symantec Endpoint Encryption Removable Storage Edition

Endpoint Encryption Removable Storage Edition

Provides policy-controlled encryption of data on removable media and provides organizations with a safe harbor from data breach notification if removable media is lost or stolen.


Thinking about outsourcing email to the cloud? With so much customer and company information traveling by email, how do you ensure only authorized individuals can see this information both inside and outside company walls?
Gateway Email Encryption

Gateway Email Encryption

Centrally managed email encryption to protect communications with customers and partners without the need for client software or affecting the end-user experience.
Desktop Email Encryption

Desktop Email Encryption

Client based email encryption that automatically encrypts and decrypts email as it is sent and received on desktops and/or laptops, providing protection for end-to-end communications.


Collaboration and file sharing empower your workforce, but as files multiply and travel, how do you guard against accidental or malicious exposure?
File Share Encryption

File Share Encryption

Automatically and transparently encrypt files and folders on file servers and shared network drives with drag and drop ease allowing protected file sharing and protection from data sprawl.
Symantec PGP Command Line

Command Line

Enables organizations to quickly and easily integrate encryption into batch processes, scripts and applications to ensure the security of corporate data at rest or in transit.


Add-on scalable agents and options tailored to your environment
Show All Agents, Options and Add-OnsHide All Agents, Options and Add-Ons



  • PGP Key Management Server works together with PGP Command Line to create, organize, distribute, store, and track encryption keys. You can replace the locally managed keys used for your automated file transfer processes with centralized, secure key management from the PGP Key Management Server.



  • Email encryption for iOS®, Android™, and Blackberry®

    As business users and their devices become more mobile, Symantec's encryption solutions allow users to painlessly send and receive encrypted email from their smartphones and other iOS devices, including the iPad®.
    • Symantec Mobile Encryption for iOS
    • PGP Viewer for Android
    • PGP Support Package for Blackberry*
    • Android currently only available as an email viewer
    • *Does not support BB10

    Key Features

    • Decrypts both PGP Partition and PGP MIME mail formats
    • Attachments are effortlessly encrypted and decrypted along with the message as normal
    • Access multiple emails in the same session without having to re-unlock the user's key
    • Network connectivity not required for decryption
    • Keys are encrypted and stored safely on mobile devices with a passphrase

    Key Benefits

    • Data stays confidential should the device fall into the wrong hands
    • Decrypt messages even when not connected to the network
    • No need to log into web browsers to access content or learn new processes, users continue to use standard device email interfaces as normal

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  • Symantec Drive Encryption on Windows Servers is supported on:
    • Windows Server 2003 SP 2 (32- and 64-bit editions); Windows Server 2008 64-bit SP 1 and 2; Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit
    • VMWare ESXi4 (supported Microsoft Windows Servers operating in a virtual environment)
    For additional system requirements and best practices information, go to the Symantec Knowledgebase and search for TECH149613, "PGP Whole Disk Encryption on Windows Servers."
  • Symantec Endpoint Encryption Removable Storage Edition provides policy-controlled encryption of data on removable media and provides organizations with a safe harbor from data breach notification if removable media is lost or stolen. This industry-leading laptop security software allows users to encrypt data according to policy on most any form of removable storage ensuring that users can safely transport and use sensitive data on portable media.
    Note: Removable Storage Edition requires Symantec Endpoint Encryption Management Server for policy control and management.
  • Symantec Endpoint Encryption Device Control software enables organizations to monitor device usage and file transfer activity, control access to ports, devices, and wireless networks, as well as to restrict user’s ability to copy protected information to removable media. When implemented with Symantec Endpoint Encryption Removable Storage Edition, the combination provides protection for enterprise data on endpoints from the risks associated with USB security, as well as other portable devices and media.
    Note: Device Control requires Symantec Endpoint Encryption Management Server for policy control and management.



  • Access protected data in the cloud securely on your iOS Devices

    File Share Encryption for iOS allows users who have uploaded encrypted files to Dropbox, to view their encrypted information directly on their iOS mobile devices. Incorporating a simple, user-friendly interface through Symantec File Viewer, users can access their synched information anywhere they have a network connection.
    Users can store up to 1G of encrypted files in their cache, allowing access to encrypted information when no network connection is available and with the peace of mind that their data is always protected.

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    Symantec File Viewer