Symantec ApplicationHA is based on Symantec Cluster Server powered by industry-leading Veritas technology and provides application availability in coordination with VMware™ HA. Together Symantec and VMware work to help customers move business-critical applications into VMware virtual machines. Symantec ApplicationHA customizes application start/stop behavior inside the virtual machine, monitors application health status, detects application failures, restarts applications and, if needed, triggers VMware High Availability for virtual machine restart. Symantec ApplicationHA enables organizations to reduce downtime of business-critical applications inside the virtual enterprise.


Symantec Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows

Symantec Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows brings advanced online storage management and high availability to Microsoft Windows Server environments.

Storage Foundation and Cluster Server High Availability Solutions

This site provides the bits and packages necessary to install version 6.0.x of the following products:
  • Symantec Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP)
  • Symantec Cluster Server (VCS)
  • Symantec Replicator
  • Symantec Storage Foundation (SF)
  • Symantec Storage Foundation HA (SFHA)
  • Symantec Storage Foundation Cluster File System (SFCFS)
  • Symantec Storage Foundation Cluster File System HA (SFCFSHA)
  • Symantec Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC (SFORAC)
  • Symantec VirtualStore (SVS) (Note that this product is only supported on RHEL 5 and Solaris Sparc)


Replicator Option

High performance, storage independent data replication services to deliver maximum business continuity.