Altiris Certification Program Partner Retirement Announcement


As part of the upcoming integration of the Altiris Partner Program into the Symantec Partner Program we will be retiring the Altiris Partner Certification Program.

What is happening to Altiris Certifications already achieved?

Previous achievement of Altiris certifications will be transferred and recorded as accreditations in Symantec PartnerNet and CertTracker, Symantec’s tools for accreditation tracking, alongside any achieved Symantec partner accreditations.

Will Altiris training and testing still be available for partners?

When the Altiris Partner Program merges with the Symantec Partner Program, Altiris Partners will access the Altiris training resources through PartnerNet. Historical Altiris certifications will be referred to as Altiris accreditations and become consistent with available Symantec partner training.

After January 31, 2009, Altiris certifications will no longer be available. To meet Symantec Partner Program requirements, partners will need to take the Symantec accreditations. We will provide more information for Altiris Partners shortly on how to access partner accreditations.

Is there any change in the validity of Altiris certifications?

There is no change to the validity for Altiris certification qualifications as they transition to recognition as Symantec partner accreditations. Accreditations are valid for 24 months.

If you have any further questions about the Symantec Partner Program, send an email to:


Will there be a public certification program for Altiris Customers?

Altiris Certification is merging with the Symantec Certification Program. The Altiris certification qualifications are not recognized under the Symantec Certification Program. As a result, we’re creating a new Symantec Certified Specialist credential based on the Altiris product suite developed to test installation, configuration, product administration, day-to-day maintenance, and troubleshooting skills. The new Symantec Certified Specialist credential will be the industry benchmark of competency and experience for Altiris end users. Look for new Altiris certification exams and training in the upcoming months. View full details.
To be notified when the upcoming exams are available, send an email to Learn more about the Symantec Certification Program or see recent program updates.
If you are still interested in the existing Altiris certification exams, they will be available through January 31, 2009 for end users.