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Cloud Security

Although security solutions in cloud environments vary in complexity and depth, the SCP in Cloud Security 1.0 certification exam (850-001) validates that the IT professional has the technical knowledge and competency to design and architect a company’s data security strategy in the cloud. The SCP in Cloud Security 1.0 certification exam will cover core elements of risk assessment, cloud integration strategy and deployment options, as well as product-specific and non-product-specific cloud security solutions.

Path: Symantec Certified Professional (SCP) in Cloud Security

Step 1: Training
By partnering with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and requiring the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) as a prerequisite to becoming an SCP in Cloud Security, IT professionals validate their understanding and technical competencies of cloud technologies and cloud security principles. Using real-world scenarios, the SCP exam in Cloud Security 1.0 will test candidates knowledge of how to evaluate risk assessment processes, integration strategies, cloud services, deployment models, implementation, basic administration, and security concerns—as well as applied solutions involved with securing cloud environments.

Note: This SCP program consists of a technical exam created specifically to measure technical understanding of and competency with cloud security solutions and related concepts, including Symantec-specific as well as non-product-specific solutions.
Step 2: Testing

Test Prerequisites

  • A minimum of 6 months experience with assessing, architecting, or implementing cloud security solutions, and should be familiar with the course content covered in the 3rd day of the Symantec Cloud Security Essentials course.
  • A strong knowledge of the industry standard white papers and other resources outlined in the SCSE Exam Study Guide.

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