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Business Challenge: Imaging & Provisioning


Automating and standardizing the process of installing an operating system (OS) and applications on servers or clients and automatically configuring endpoints to corporate standards.


  • Complicated and unreliable migrations to the latest OS including Windows Vista
  • Complex process of server and client configurations including consolidation and virtualization
  • Too many PC image files to manage, patch, and update due to dissimilar hardware
  • High helpdesk costs due to custom OS and application installations
  • Manual processes of loading servers are time consuming and prone to errors
  • Server sprawl is creating more demand for automation and standardization
Imaging & Provisioning
Symantec’s provisioning and imaging solution allows companies to optimize utilization of available storage and reduce IT costs and complexities while improving efficiencies with comprehensive, integrated client and server management. In addition, thin provisioning and imaging can also help businesses.
  • Save time by using offline image editing tools to modify configurations and patch levels before re-provisioning
  • Reduce costs associated with deploying and configuring desktop, laptops, server, and thin-client hardware with automated tools. Decrease downtime, risk, and costs of migrating operating systems
  • Increase reliability and reduce support costs of workstations by deploying corporate standard and hardware-independent images
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