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Symantec Data Loss Prevention

A solução de prevenção contra perda de dados, líder de mercado

Com o Symantec Data Loss Prevention, você descobre onde os dados estão armazenados na nuvem, em dispositivos móveis e nos ambientes locais; monitora como eles estão sendo usados dentro e fora da rede da empresa e os protege contra vazamento ou roubo.

Informes técnicos

Symantec Data Loss Prevention Solution

Symantec extends data loss prevention to the cloud and across all of your high-risk data loss channels, so you can discover, monitor, and protect your information more completely and effectively.
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What’s New in Data Loss Prevention

7 Reasons to Upgrade to DLP 14

Symantec Data Loss Prevention for Cloud

Enables you to accelerate cloud adoption by providing deep visibility and control of your cloud-based email and storage services including Microsoft Office 365 and Box.

Informes oficiais

Data Loss Prevention and Monitoring in the Workplace: Best Practice Guide for Europe

Learn best practices for monitoring sensitive corporate information in the European Union.
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Organizational Security and the Insider Threat: Malicious, Negligent and Well-Meaning Insiders

Learn about the key differences between malicious, negligent, and well-meaning insiders so you can effectively identify insider threats.

Destaque da Comunidade

How To Use The Remote IDM Indexer In DLP 14.0

In Symantec DLP 14.0, there is a new detection feature: Remote IDM Indexer. The Remote IDM Indexer is a standalone tool that lets you index your confidential documents and files locally on the systems where these files are stored, or from a shared network resource that is easier or preferable to access from a remote host. Using the Remote IDM Indexer...

Publicado: 08/10/2015 14:06:27