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Veritas Operations Manager

Gerenciamento centralizado do armazenamento

O Veritas Operations Manager da Symantec é uma ferramenta voltada para a centralização de operações que aprimora o gerenciamento do Storage Foundation, Cluster Server, Dynamic Multi-Pathing e ApplicationHA em diferentes plataformas de armazenamento, virtualização, servidores e aplicativos.


windows file sharing

mokkan | 22/Set/2014 9:25:08

I need a solution Hello, When you set it up fileshare resource in windows and when it comes online. What exactly VCS agent monitor? How does it deteminte it is working or not? Is there a PID ID? or LOCK file?      

Are Networks Driving DAS Resurgence?

RyanJancaitis | 17/Set/2014 13:31:35

I recently ran across an article by Robin Harris of StorageMojo that took an interesting take on the long term futures of DAS and SAN. I would recommend that you read the article, but in summation, Mr. Harris looked at the advancement of network interconnects as a key factor in the increasing adoption of DAS.  More specifically, that the price and...