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news releases - 1998
Notice: All information contained in Symantec press releases is accurate and valid as of the date of issue. All content is subject to change. For the latest information about Symantec Corporation and Symantec products, please contact the appropriate PR contact.

December 24, 1998
Symantec, IBM launch Anti-virus education program aimed at current IBM customers

December 23, 1998
PC Magazine names Cleansweep Deluxe Best of 1998

PC Magazine names Norton Antivirus 5.0 best of 1998

Norton Antivirus awarded Checkmark certification for Trojan detection

pcANYWHERE32 hailed as Editors' Choice by Windows NT Magazine

December 22, 1998
Symantec's Retail Sales Lead the Way this Holiday Season

December 21, 1998
Symantec and Pacific Bell enter Strategic Business Alliance

December 18, 1998
FTD protects florist locations with Norton Antivirus, provides Remote Help Desk support via pcANYWHERE

December 16, 1998
Norton advances utility suites again with Norton SystemWorks Professional Edition

December 9, 1998
Symantec announces full support for the next release of the Java Development Kit

December 8, 1998
Market-leading Norton Systemworks Suite fully integrates award-winning Norton Cleansweep and Norton Crashguard

December 2, 1998
Symantec addresses number one PC Customer need with Norton Crashguard 4.0

November 30, 1998
Norton Antivirus is first product to be awarded Checkmark Level Two certification

November 25, 1998
Norton Antivirus protects against unknown password-stealing Trojan Horses

November 24, 1998
Norton Systemworks leads the Utilities Suite category

November 20, 1998
Symantec Announces Norton Ghost for Netware

November 18, 1998
Norton Utilities and Act! 4.0 win PC Computing 1998 MVP Awards

Seventy per cent of Canadian Customers choose Symantec's Norton AntiVirus

November 17, 1998
Symantec receives Top Honours from Home Office Computing Magazine

Symantec Completes Tender Offer for QuarterDeck Shares

November 13, 1998
Symantec Norton 2000 protects small businesses and consumers by pinpointing Y2K problems on desktops, laptops

November 12, 1998
IBM Selects Symantec as AntiVirus Partner for eNetwork Firewall Solutions Pack

November 10, 1998
Symantec (TM) Announces Visual Café (TM) Version 3.0

Symantec Continues to lead U.S. Retail Market

November 6, 1998
Norton SystemWorks Beats Network Associates' Utility Suite Hands Down in PC/Computing Showdown

November 4, 1998
Department of Justice Approves Symantec Acquistion of QuarterDeck

November 3, 1998
Norton AntiVirus 5.0 Deluxe eases Online Service and Support

October 29, 1998
Four Symantec Products Named PC Computing 1998 MVP Award Finalists

October 28, 1998
Symantec launches innovative program to provide Tech Support using pcANYWHERE'S Remote Control Capabilities

October 27, 1998
Symantec's pcTelecommute Wins Outstanding Innovation in Telework Award International Telework Association & Council Honours Symantec at Annual Conference

October 26, 1998
Symantec provides UnInstall Product with Norton SystemWorks

October 21, 1998
3M Protects 48,000-Node Enterprise With Norton AntiVirus

October 15, 1998
Symantec Announces Second Quarter Results

Symantec to Acquire Quarterdeck

Symantec Launches Canadian Norton Product "Point of Sale" Promotion

October 13, 1998
Symantec Appoints Michael Murphy Corporate Sales Manager for Canada

September 28, 1998
Symantec Buys Intel's Anti-Virus Business

September 21, 1998
Symantec ships Norton SystemWorks with free bonus pack in Canada

August 31, 1998
Symantec announces Norton SystemWorks

August 26, 1998
Symantec announces the next generation of the World's Best-Selling Fax software package -- Winfax Pro 9.0

Symantec introduces unparalleled Small Business Solution TalkWorks Pro 2.0

August 21, 1998
Symantec announces Norton AntiVirus 5.0 for Windows NT Server

August 14, 1998
Symantec announces new version of market-leading Norton AntiVirus

August 10, 1998
Symantec protects Desktops, Servers with launch of Norton 2000

July 31, 1998
Symantec Ships Norton Antivirus For Microsoft Exchange

July 8-10, 1998
Symantec Acquires Ghost, Expanding Corporate Solutions Set

June 26, 1998
Symantec's Norton Your Eyes Only becomes Entrust-Ready

June 18, 1998
Symantec launches Canadian Scratch & Win Promotion

June 17, 1998
Symantec announces first Telecommuting Productivity Solution

June 15, 1998
Symantec provides first Anti-Virus Administration Solution for the Microsoft Management Console

June 11, 1998
Symantec provides complete Desktop Protection in one package

June 4, 1998
Milkyway Networks SecurIT FIREWALL to ship with Norton AntiVirus

June 3, 1998
Symantec reports strong Customer response to Anti-Virus Alliance with IBM

June 2, 1998
Symantec supports Microsoft Windows 98

May 27, 1998
Symantec offers detection and elimination of first known Macintosh Worm

May 19, 1998
IBM and Symantec to deliver single family of Anti-Virus Software Products

May 12, 1998
Symantec Mobile Update provides intelligent document updating

Symantec Offers Customers Beta of Norton Mobile Essentials

May 8, 1998
Symantec Norton AntiVirus protects Secure Computing FireWall™ for NT Users

April 23, 1998
Symantec Announces Record Fourth Quarter - Earnings Per Share Grow 167 Percent

April 22, 1998
ACT! 4.0 provides users with complete customer manangement

April 8, 1998
Symantec and Trend Micro Cooperate to Benefit Customersv

April 7, 1998
Norton Utilities 3.0 Earns High Praise from Editors, Reviewers

April 1, 1998
Alliance between Symantec and NEC Computer Systems Division Delivers Remote Control Capabilities to All NEC Handheld PCs

March 31, 1998
Symantec Increases Dominance of PC Data Top Ten List

Symantec Announces Integration between Symantec's ACT! 4.0 and Microsoft Outlook 98

March 30, 1998
Symantec Announces Norton AntiVirus for Microsoft Exchange Server

March 26, 1998
Symantec Ships Version 2.5 of Visual Café for Java

March 24, 1998
Symantec Announces Novell Selects Symantec Java Just in Time Compiler for Netware

Sun Selects Symantec Just in Time (JIT) Compiler Version 3.0 to Boost the Performance of Java Implementations

Symantec Announces Visual Café for Java Will Support Development of Java Card Applications

Symantec Visual Café for Java™ IDE Performs Live Integration with RationalRose™ via Ensemble's Rose Visual Café Link

Symantec Announces Visual Café for Java Supports Development of PersonalJava Applications

March 23, 1998
Symantec and HP Partner to Provide pcANYWHERE32 on HP Brio PCs Worldwide

March 20, 1998
Norton AntiVirus Wins Internet Computing's 'Net Best' Award

Norton Utilities Named Consumers Digest "Best Buy"

March 19, 1998
PC World Hong Kong Readers Vote Symantec's Products as Top Choice Across Three Categories

March 16, 1998
ACT! 4.0 Provides Users with Complete Customer Management; Turning Contacts into Relationships and Relationships into Results

March 9, 1998
Symantec's pcANYWHERE32 Wins 1998 Mobility Software Product of the Year

March 2, 1998
Symantec Experts Address Virus Fears Online

February 27, 1998
Norton AntiVirus Wins PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award for Third Consecutive Year

February 18, 1998
Norton AntiVirus Awarded PC World's Respected "1998 Best Buy" Award

February 17, 1998
Symantec Announces OEM Agreement with Samsung Electronics to Supply Korean Version of Norton AntiVirus with Samsung Personal Computers

Symantec Visual Café Wins 1998 NewMedia Magazine Hyper Award

February 11, 1998
Symantec and Archer Enterprise Systems to Offer Enterprise Sales Automation Solution Based on ACT!

Symantec's Norton Utilities Wins Computerworld's IT Leader's Choice Award for Best PC/LAN Utility

Symantec Awarded 50,000 Unit Contract by H&R Block

February 10, 1998
Symantec Executive Elected Consumer Products Council President

Symantec Introduces New Trojan Horse Detection Technology; Protects Users Against Latest Password-Stealing Threat

Norton Utilities, Norton AntiVirus, and WinFax PRO Named to PC/Computing's Prestigious "A-List"

February 9, 1998
Symantec Announces Version 2.5 of Visual Café for Java Professional Development Edition

Symantec Publishes Visual Café for Java Open API Architecture

Symantec Visual Café for Java Wins InfoWorld's Highly Coveted 1997 Product of the Year Award

Symantec Announces Version 2.5 of Visual Café for Java Database Development Edition

February 6, 1998
Norton AntiVirus for Lotus Notes Earns Coveted Award from Network Computing Magazine

February 5, 1998
Symantec Response to CyberMedia Lawsuit

February 4, 1998
PC Data Figures Show Symantec Led U.S. Corporate Market in 1997

February 3, 1998
Symantec Posts Detection and Repair to New XF.Paix.A Excel Virus; Nav Users Automatically Protected by Unique Capabilities of LiveUpdate

January 26, 1998
Symantec Dominates PC Data Top Ten Software List

January 21, 1998
Symantec Combats New and Unknown Boot-Sector Viruses with Exclusive Bloodhound Boot Technology

January 20, 1998
Symantec Announces Fifth Consecutive Record Quarter

Microsoft Joins with Symantec to Provide Comprehensive Fax Capabilities for Microsoft Outlook '98

Oracle and Symantec Team to Deliver Enterprise Web Solution

January 14, 1998
Symantec's Just-In-Time (JIT) Java Compiler 3.0 Runs Java Applets and Applications 50% Faster

January 12, 1998
Symantec Announces Norton Your Eyes Only Version 4.1 for Windows 95/NT

Symantec's Norton Your Eyes Only Receives ICSA Product Certification for Cryptography

Entrust Technologies and Symantec Corporation Provide First Comprehensive Secure Desktop Suites

January 7, 1998
Symantec Provides pcANYWHERE Express Internet Components

January 6, 1998
Symantec's Norton AntiVirus Chosen as Best AntiVirus Utility in 1997 by PC Magazine

January 5, 1998
Symantec Announces New Upgrade to Visual Page

Symantec's Visual Café Macintosh Named Finalist for MacWorld/MacTech Eddy Awards

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