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news releases - 2000
Notice: All information contained in Symantec news releases is accurate and valid as of the date of issue. All content is subject to change. For the latest information about Symantec Corporation and Symantec products, please contact the appropriate PR contact.

December 27, 2000
Symantec CEO Comments on Internet Security Market and Opportunities

December 19, 2000
Symantec to Integrate AntiVirus Protection Into Oracle Internet File System

Symantec Provides Tool to Detect and Remove Destructive W32.Kriz Virus

December 18, 2000
Symantec Merger with AXENT Technologies Approved by Shareholders

December 4, 2000
Symantec Announces Network-Available Anti-Virus Scanner for Internet Providers

November 8, 2000
Symantec To Integrate Both Content Filtering And Anti-Virus Solution Into Inktomi Traffic Server Network Cache Platform

November 1, 2000
Symantec Brings Market-Leading Norton Internet Security™ and Norton Personal Firewall™ to the Macintosh®

October 31, 2000
Symantec/Axent SEC Review Complete

Symantec's Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition 7.5 Integrates Digital Immune System Technology To Provide Automated Virus Protection Enterprise-Wide

October 25, 2000
Symantec Announces Norton SystemWorks™ for Macintosh®

Symantec Announces New Versions of Norton Utilities™ and Norton AntiVirus™ for Macintosh®

October 24, 2000
Symantec Launches Internet Security Web Site Featuring Free Tool to Evaluate Online Security

October 18, 2000
Symantec Announces Record Second Quarter Results

October 16, 2000
Symantec Protects Small Business Customers

October 2, 2000
Symantec Announces pcAnywhere is First Remote Control Software to Offer Support for Microsoft Windows' Millennium Edition

September 19, 2000
Symantec Announces Product Support for Windows Millennium Edition

September 18, 2000
Market-Leading Norton Internet Security 2001 and Norton Personal Firewall 2001 Now Support Windows Millennium Edition

September 14, 2000
Symantec Expands in Europe with New Offices in Spain

September 13, 2000
Norton Ghost 2001 Delivers High-Performance Utilities for Safe and Efficient System Upgrading, Backup and Recovery

September 7, 2000
Symantec Offers Early Look at World's First Anti-Virus Technology Residing Directly on the Palm OS Platform

September 6, 2000
Symantec's Named as One of the Top Web Sites for Small Business

September 5, 2000
Symantec Ghost 6.5 Enterprise Eases Deployment of Operating System and Application Updates

August 31, 2000
Flawless Performance Earns Norton AntiVirus Products West Coast Labs' Checkmark Level Two Certification

August 29, 2000
Symantec Protects Against First Known Trojan Horse for the Palm Operating System

Norton AntiVirus 2001, Norton Utilities 2001, Norton CleanSweep 2001 Ensure High Performance Across All Windows-based Systems

Norton SystemWorks 2001 Extends Comprehensive Problem-Solving to Windows Millennium, Windows NT, Windows 2000

Symantec Continues to be the Choice to Protect Broadband Users

August 28, 2000
Symantec Protects Remote Computers and Corporate Networks from Security Breaches and Denial of Service Attacks with New Intrusion Prevention Product

August 23, 2000
Norton AntiVirus Wins 10th VB 100% Award

August 22, 2000
Symantec Launches Online Software Stores Catering to Portuguese and Spanish-Speaking Customers

August 21, 2000
Symantec Offers Award-Winning Internet Security with Intel Desktop Boards

August 3, 2000
Symantec Joins MSP Association, Defining Standards for Management Service Provider Sector

August 2, 2000
Symantec and Enter Into Strategic Distribution Agreement to Promote Internet Security

July 27, 2000
Symantec Strengthens Security Leadership With Acquisition of AXENT

July 24, 2000
Symantec Makes Equity Investment in Brightmail

July 19, 2000
Symantec Announces Record First Quarter Results

July 17, 2000
Symantec's Web Support Site Named One of the Year's Ten Best

June 21, 2000
Symantec Announces Comprehensive Strategy to Secure Enterprise Assets

June 20, 2000
Symantec Provides Fix Tool for Fast-Spreading VBS.Stages.A Worm

June 19, 2000
Symantec Provides Detection for Fast-Spreading VBS.Stages.A Polymorphic Computer Worm

June 13, 2000
Norton Internet Security 2000 takes PC Magazine's Editors' Choice in First Internet Security Suite Round Up

June 12, 2000
Norton Personal Firewall 2000 Protects Connected Consumers Against Hacking and Privacy Intrusions

Norton Internet Security 2000 Provides Home PC Users Total Internet Protection

June 8, 2000
Symantec Demonstrates World's First Anti-Virus Technology for the Palm OS Platform

June 5, 2000
Queen's University Cracks Down on Computer Viruses by Standardizing on Symantec's Norton AntiVirus Software

May 26, 2000
Symantec Protects Against W97M.Melissa.BG

Symantec Warns Of New Computer Worm With File Damaging Payload

May 24, 2000
Symantec Boosts Remote Support Capabilities with pcAnywhere Plus for Tivoli Enterprise

May 19, 2000
Symantec Protects Against Vbs.Newlove.Anavex

May 18, 2000
New Self-Mutating Variant Of The Loveletter Virus Renders PC Inoperable

May 16, 2000
Symantec Signs Agreement With Yahoo! To Provide Anti-Virus Technology For Yahoo! Mail

May 15, 2000
Symantec Executive Named as Delegate to G-8 Paris Conference

May 8, 2000
Symantec Provides Free Tool to Repair Damage from Loveletter Worm

May 5, 2000
Symantec Detects All Known Variants of VBS.LoveLetter.A Worm

May 4, 2000
Symantec Protects Users Against VBS.LoveLetter.A

Symantec Discovers New Computer Worm Infecting Thousands

April 27, 2000
New Patent Granted to Symantec for Speed-Enhancing,Virus Scanning Technology

April 20, 2000
Symantec Appoints Cress Carter to Head U.S. Corporate Sales and Marketing

Symantec Extends Award-Winning Anti-Virus Protection to Linux Platform

April 19, 2000
Symantec Announces Record Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year End 2000 Results

April 4, 2000
Symantec Signs Procurement Agreement With Canadian Government

March 27, 2000
Symantec Appoints Gail E. Hamilton to Lead Enterprise Solutions Division

March 22, 2000
Norton Speed Disk Surpasses Diskeeper in NSTL Tests

March 21, 2000
Symantec's Procomm Plus 4.8 Provides More Reliable Connections For Fast, Accurate Communications

Norton Internet Security 2000 Rockets to Top of PC Data Charts

March 20, 2000
pcAnywhere 9.2 First Remote Control Product to Pass Arduous Requirements for Windows 2000 Certification

March 16, 2000
Symantec's Norton Antivirus Solutions Earn ICSA Anti-Virus Certification for Windows 2000

March 15, 2000
Symantec Improves Internet Update Speed/Availability by 800%

March 9, 2000
Symantec Completes the Acquisition of L-3 Network Security's Vulnerability Assessment and Security Consulting Business

March 3, 2000
Symantec Security Analyzer Debuts Today on ZDTV's Cybercrime Website

February 28, 2000
Symantec Releases WinFax PRO 10.0 - The Preferred Choice Among Small Businesses for Sending, Receiving, Managing Faxes

February 14, 2000
Symantec Acquires L-3 Network Security's Vulnerability Assessment Solutions and Security Consulting Business

February 2, 2000
Children Aged 11 to 14 Face Growing Risk of Internet Abductions - Almost 800 Cases Reported in North America in 1998

January 24, 2000
Symantec Canada Introduces Solutions Alliance Partner Program

January 19, 2000
Symantec Announces Fifth Consecutive Quarter of Record Earnings

January 18, 2000
Symantec Receives Patents on Technology that Enables Norton Antivirus to Detect the most Complex Polymorphic Viruses

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