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Symantec Replicator Option

Symantec Replicator includes both Volume Replicator and File Replicator to provide world-class, cost effective continuous data replication enabling rapid recovery of critical applications at remote recovery sites across any distance using IP networks. Replicator Option supports all major operating systems and storage technologies giving organizations an extremely flexible alternative to traditional array-based replication architectures.


Are 2 RVGS in a diskgroup supported in VCS

mikebounds | Oct 7, 2014 8:15:31 AM

I need a solution VVR allows you to create 2 RVGs in a diskgroup - is this supported by the VCS VVR agents.  I thought I had seen this was not supported somewhere, but I can't find anything in the 6.1 bundled agents guide. I have a diskgroup which contains a backup volume and this backup...

SmartIO blueprints, assessment guide and deployment guide

Arun Balakrishnan | Oct 7, 2014 3:12:28 PM

SmartIO was introduced in Storage Foundation HA 6.1 . SmartIO enables data efficiency on your SSDs through I/O caching. Using SmartIO to improve efficiency, you can optimize the cost per Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS). SmartIO supports both read and write-back caching for the VxFS file systems that are mounted on VxVM volumes, in multiple...


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