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Reputation-Based Security
Symantec Insight is reputation-based security technology that puts files in context, using their age, frequency, location and more to expose threats otherwise missed. Built on contributions from over 210 million systems in over 200 countries, Symantec Insight has the power to examine and track the context of files.

What is Insight?

Symantec Insight uses reputation security technology that tracks billions of files from millions of systems to identify new threats as they are created. Based on advanced data mining techniques, Insight seeks out changing encryption and mutating code. Insight separates files at risk from those that are safe, for faster and more accurate malware detection. Insight will boost the detection, performance, and accuracy of Symantec security solutions for years to come.

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Benefits of Insight

Symantec Insight uses context to focus on the most important advantage of cybercriminals and turn it against them. Cyber-criminals employ rapid mutation technology to prevent security solutions from identifying the signatures of their code. Symantec Insight finds newly mutated programs and rates their level of risk based on how new and common the program is, as well as its source and other security metrics.

Key benefits include:

  • Threats are detected as they are created.
  • Network performance is boosted by eliminating up to 90% of scan volume.
  • Uses context to reduce false positives and cut management overhead.
  • Powered by over 210 million systems contributing from over 200 countries.

Some of what Insight has achieved to date

  • Directly blocking over 8.7 million attacks.
  • Assisted in blocking over 31 million attacks.
  • Tracked more than 3.1 billion files.
  • Served 4.1 billion Insight ratings each day.

Symantec Insight Fulfills the Promise of Reputation

Some vendors do little more than post malware signatures to the Internet, tack on a white list, and call the result a reputation system. This approach might provide faster access to virus signatures but it is still reacting to known threats rather than identifying new ones.

Other companies take the next step and rate the reputation of the source of files. Though a step in the right direction, this is still not true context-aware security. Knowing the source of a file is useful – but it does not tell you if the file was newly created just to infect you.

Symantec Insight can identify how common or rare a file is, how old it is, its security rating, and how it might be associated with malware. Through context, Insight can identify new or rapidly mutating threats as well as rare but tightly targeted attacks.

To Define Context, the Size of Your Network Matters

Built on contributions from over 210 million systems and the Symantec Global Intelligence Network that spans 240,000 sensors in over 200 countries, Insight provides the context for understanding the risk of almost every file you’ll ever encounter.

Scale is necessary to answer critical questions such as:

  • How many copies of this file exist globally?
  • Is this file associated with infections or infectious behavior?
  • How new is this file?
  • Is the source of the file associated with infections?

Our technology not only promises security reputation, Symantec Insight proves it.