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City of Armadale

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Growing at around 5.5% annually, the City of Armadale in Perth’s south east is one of the fastest-growing local government areas in Australia. Armadale’s more than 64,000 residents can boast of a government that uses technology to deliver efficient, economical operations and services. “Technology underpins delivery of the services we provide to the community,” says Adam Holthouse, who leads a staff of 10 as Armadale’s Manager of Information and Communications Technology.

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Organization Profile

  • Website: www.armadale.wa.gov.au
  • Industry: Public Sector
  • Number of employees: 450
  • Headquarters: Armadale, Western Australia, Australia


  • 15 Dell Blade/Rack mounted servers
  • 65 virtual servers – VMware virtualization
  • Compellant SAN – 180TB storage
  • Key applications - Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, ERP system, library management system, HR/payroll system. HP TRIM records management system
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