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BestCom Infotech Corporation

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Asia Pacific, Japan | Technology | Enterprise

BestCom Infotech Corporation needed to solidify its data security practices to ensure compliance with Taiwan’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Symantec helped the company develop security policies and deploy data loss prevention and email encryption solutions. Results include minimizing risky employee behaviors, blocking transmission of emails that violate data security policies, easing executives’ concerns about punishment under PDPA, and achieving payback in projected time of 18 months.

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Organization Profile

  • Website: www.bestcom.com.tw
  • Industry: Technology
  • Founded: 1987
  • Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Employees: 478


  • Server platform: IBM and HP Windows-based servers
  • Applications: Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Storage: EMC, HP, and IBM arrays
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