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Carnegie Corporation of NY

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North America | Non-Profit | Small Business

Email is a core technology in this mission. Carnegie Corporation hosts its own Microsoft Exchange server—and keeps it busy. On a typical day, Carnegie’s approximately 80 employees send 11,000 email messages—6,200 of which go to the Internet—and receive 10,000 messages, 3,200 from outside. “Communication is very important in our work,” says Loretta Harris, Carnegie Corporation’s director of IT.

Success Details

Organization Profile

  • Website: carnegie.org
  • Industry: Non-Profit
  • Headquarters: New York, New York
  • Number of employees: 80


  • Dell Servers running Windows 2003 and 2008
  • VMware ESX virtualization
  • Dell desktops, Windows 7
  • Key applications: Microsoft Exchange 2010, Gifts by MicroEdge
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