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Dickinson Dees LLP

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This successful national law firm previously used a variety of different application versions, and software patches ― but had no centrally automated means of effectively managing them. To address this requirement, Dickinson Dees introduced a modular, future-proof approach to managing its 700 clients, based on Altiris™ Client Management Suite from Symantec and implemented by Phoenix Software. The solution ― recently integrated with Symantec™ Endpoint Protection ― has resulted in one consistent and reliable desktop infrastructure that has cut end-to-end client imaging phase from two hours to fifteen minutes, saving an estimated 1,400 hours in IT management time and resources in the process.

Success Details

Organization Profile

  • Website: www.dickinson-dees.com
  • Industry: Legal
  • Headquarters: Newcastle, U.K.
  • Legal Services: One of the top 50 law firms in the UK


  • End users: 700
  • Hardware: Dell Optiplex 780s
  • Servers: 100
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and XP
  • Virtualization: Windows Server 2003 virtualized in VMware ESX 4GB of Ram, 2 processors
  • Applications: Microsoft Office 2003, Pilgrim Lawsoft, Autonomy iManage Workshare, Novaplex and around 50 others
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