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Directorz Co. Ltd.

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Asia Pacific, Japan | Technology | Enterprise

Most businesses would love to face the challenge that Directorz, a Tokyo-based web hosting company, needed to solve. Two of its web properties have surged in popularity, raising the CPU burden on its web hosting servers. To see if performance could be streamlined, Directorz tested Symantec premium SSL certificates, which include a new ECC encryption algorithm that provides stronger security and faster performance than the current industry-standard RSA algorithm. The results include a 46 percent lower CPU burden and a 7 percent reduction in response time, enabling more total simultaneous connections to a single site.

Success Details

Organization Profile

  • Website: directorz.co.jp
  • Industry: Information Technology
  • Founded: 2007
  • Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
  • Employees: 12
  • Offering web and email hosting and website security to companies in technology, and other industries


  • Server platform: Intel Xeon 2Core Server, CPU 2GB, Apache Web Server
  • Web server software: Apache and Nginx
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