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From hours and hours of server touch to zero touch. That’s what the German IT services provider GaVI (Gesellschaft für angewandte Versicherungs-Informatik) has achieved using the best-in-class Altiris Server Management Suite from Symantec. This has enabled GAVI to reduce the time needed to deploy a virtual server for cloud services to as little as 30 minutes—compared to one day if the process was performed manually.

Products Implemented

Server Management Suite

Success Details

Products Implemented

Server Management Suite


Organization Profile

  • Website: www.gavi.de
  • Industry: Information Technology
  • Headquarters: Mannheim, Germany


  • End users: 20,000
  • Servers: 2,500 (1,500 Windows, 1,000 Linux)
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux (10%)
  • Virtualization: 1,200 VMware ESX servers
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