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Cyber threats are getting stealthier. Just ask Kier Group, one of the UK’s leading construction, development, and service group. The organization needs to protect itself with essential endpoint security, messaging security, and data and system protection for its Windows environment. And eliminate security threats before they penetrate the Kier network of 6,000 endpoints. All of this needs to be done as efficiently as possible and involve the minimum of resources. So Kier Group relies on Symantec. By standardizing on a single, integrated endpoint security and client management solution from Symantec, the company is improving threat monitoring and reducing the administrative burden of protecting endpoints against known and unknown threats. And because endpoint security and client management are managed through a single agent, productivity has risen dramatically too.

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Organization Profile

  • Website: www.kier.co.uk
  • Industry: Construction
  • Headquarters: Sandy, UK
  • Founded: 1920
  • Employees: 11,000
  • World-class construction solutions: building, civil engineering, opencast mining, facilities management, residential and commercial property investment and PFI project investment.


  • Hardware: 6,000 desktops and laptops
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server Office 2003
  • Applications: Microsoft Exchange, document management system, business applications
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