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Lincom Group

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Asia Pacific, Japan | Construction | Small Business

Dealing with large, complex pieces of equipment is Lincom Group's specialty and their technology growth has matched their pieces of equipment. George Economous, Lincom’s IT manager, says “I like Symantec products because they don’t take a lot of managing. Once they’re configured and set up, they just run—they’re like a little workhorse that just goes.”

Success Details

Organization Profile

  • Website: www.lincom.com.au
  • Industry: Construction
  • Headquarters: Narangba, Queensland, Australia
  • Number of employees: 100


HP and Dell servers:
  • HP Proliant DL 360 G6 (x2), Proliant DL 380 G6, Proliant DL 380 G5 (x3), Proliant ML 350
  • Dell Poweredge 1800
  • Backing up to tape, robotic media library using LT03 tapes
Microsoft key applications:
  • Exchange
  • Dynamics AX ERP
  • SharePoint
  • SQL Server
  • Office
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