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If a non-profit organization cannot access its data, then the sponsorship and fund-raising activities quickly grid to a halt, the charitable funding cannot be distributed, and staff aren’t paid. That was the stark reality facing Livability, a charity which supports disabled people in the U.K. to get involved in their local community and access training and jobs. Switching from a crumbling, disparate back platform to Symantec data protection and security technologies, Livability has cut the size of its backup by 47% using deduplication, shrunk the backup window by seven hours per day, and increased the backup success rate from 15% to 99%. With restored files now available in minutes as opposed to days or not at all, the charity is able to do what it does best: create choices for disabled people rather than making choices for them.

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  • Servers: 18 at Central Office
  • Virtualization: VMware
  • Endpoints: 100 +
  • Operating systems: Windows 2003, Windows 2008/2008 r2
  • Applications: Microsoft Exchange, SUN, Raisers Edge, CipHR, Ms Office, SQL