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As with any daily publishing environment, deadlines must be met or revenue is lost. The Red Deer Advocate relies on its computer systems—about 35 PCs and 60 Macs, as well as Windows-based and Mac servers—to keep business moving and ensure that the paper is delivered to more than 13,000 subscribers. With only one IT professional providing desktop support, spending a lot of time remediating virus infections isn’t an option.

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  • Hardware: 5 HPs, IBMs running Windows Server 2008/2003, 10 Apple Macs (Xserver, MacPros, G5s, MacMinis) servers running Mac OS X server and two Linux. Mac Pro Server running Windows Server 2008
  • Operating system: 60 Apple Macs running OS X and 35 PCs running Windows 7 and XP
  • Applications: Microsoft Windows Server (file server), Microsoft Exchange 2010 (mail server)
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