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Security Directorate of the Canton of Zurich

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Four areas of the Swiss Security Directorate cantonal, the Office of Military and Civil Defence, the Social Security Office, the General Secretariat as well as the Governor Office of the canton of Zurich, have joined forces to procure new hardware and supply each other with IT services. The linchpin of this project is the AltirisTM IT Management Suite from Symantec, an integrated solution that simplifies IT operations by managing clients, servers, assets and the service desk from a single console and centralized configuration management database (CMDB). Using the Altiris technology, a public key registration was allocated to all computers centrally, ensuring the fast and successful implementation of the public key infrastructure project.

Products Implemented

IT Management Suite

Success Details

Products Implemented

IT Management Suite

Organization Profile

  • Website: www.ds.zh.ch
  • Sector: Administration
  • Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland


  • Clients: 400 (500 clients as per July 2011)
  • Hardware: Dell and HP
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP
  • Applications: Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes
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