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Sogegross Group

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Sogegross Group is a wholesaler active in Italy’s grocery sector. The company found itself managing a large number of mailboxes with the resulting storage bottleneck, lengthy back-up times—over 10 hours in some cases—slow and inefficient operating systems, and spam threats. The situation required a document storage system that would enable the system to function more efficiently and reduce the space required for back-ups. The solution was to deploy Enterprise Vault for Domino. This intelligent e-mail archiving platform has enabled Sogegross to reduce the search time across 800,000 stored e-mails to less than one second, cut storage space from one terabyte to 500 megabytes, and reduce system maintenance time from one hour per day to one hour per week. Alongside this, Symantec Mail Security is intercepting 99.9 percent of spam out of 450,000 e-mail messages per month.

Products Implemented

Messaging Gateway

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Products Implemented

Messaging Gateway


  • Mips Informatica SpA

Organization Profile

The Italian Sogegross Group, a wholesaler active in Italy’s grocery sector, is a private company with a high rate of growth. The number of employees at the Genoa head office, for example, has increased from 100 to 350 in recent years.


  • Four AS400s for business
  • 75 Microsoft servers
  • Two Lotus Domino servers in cluster (for e-mail)
  • Three Lotus Dominos for point-of-sale management
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