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Thayer Lodging Group

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North America | Hospitality | Small Business

Thayer Lodging Group needed to reduce its number of incoming spam, while also protecting its infrastructure and having a secure backup environment. Using Endpoint Protection, AntiSpam, and Enterprise Vault.cloud, as well as Backup Exec 2010, Thayer Lodging Group now has the confidence to run an efficient, secure operation. "Endpoint Protection.cloud was perfect," said Mike Dickersbach, vice president of information technology, Thayer Lodging Group

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  • VMware ESXi on Dual Dell PowerEdge R710 Servers
  • NetApp FAS2020 SAN
  • Key applications: VMware Vsphere 4,Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2, Microsoft Exchange 2010, Microsoft Office, plus various reservations, property management, and POS software
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