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Vaud University Hospital

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Vaud University Hospital (CHUV) deals with more than one million emails every month and this requires a significant amount of storage space. To free up more space and to streamline messaging system management, the head of the IT systems department chose Symantec Enterprise Vault. In only a few months, more than 1 terabyte of space has been freed up. Moreover, automated archiving functionality saves users from the hassle of having to manage their own mailbox.

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  • Infoniqa Romandie

Organization Profile

  • Website: www.chuv.ch
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Headquarters: Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Users: 8,385


  • Users: 8,385
  • Servers: Dell dual processor
  • Virtualization: VMware
  • Applications: Microsoft Exchange, Office, and more than 250 other business applications
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