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Symantec Risk Automation Suite

SRAS automates and orchestrates enterprise IT security and risk management. SRAS simplifies and integrates network discovery, baseline configuration management and vulnerability management enabling reporting for enterprise risks and regulatory compliance. It offers flexible agent-based or agent-less data gathering options across multiple hardware and software platforms. SCAP validated, enterprise proven.

White Papers

Addressing the Consensus Audit Guidelines (CAG) with the Symantec Risk Automation Suite (RAS)

The Consensus Audit Guidelines are aimed at addressing the most effective countermeasures in cyber- security. A consensus among multiple industry experts, the CAG was developed with the intent to help defend our nation’s intelligence and information infrastructures. It reflects 20 key control areas – a list that resulted from the collaborative work of federal CIOs, CISOs, DoD Blue Team members, FBI cybercrime teams, and forensic experts. The CAG is viewed as an effective guide for blocking well-known, high-priority attacks across government infrastructures.


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