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Security Intelligence

Security Intelligence

Information is the Key to Protecting Information

That’s why our security solutions are backed by world-class intelligence to help you identify threats in real time and keep your information safe. When you can do it safely, you can do it all.
Without complete visibility into your environment and the current threat landscape, it’s easy to be blindsided by an attacker and for security incidents to go undetected. Build a cyber resilience strategy fueled by security intelligence and safeguard your organization from targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats.
In the complex world of IT, information is the key to protecting information. That’s why our intelligent security solutions help you identify threats in real time, so you can keep your information safe. Build resilience into your cyber security strategy with Symantec.

Our intelligent security solutions help you:
  • Protect your brand and bottom line by quickly detecting and responding to attacks. Our security solutions give you the visibility and insights to make decisions faster and with confidence.
  • Avoid being blindsided by an attack or breach by leveraging Symantec’s big data approach to security intelligence. Information is the key to protecting information. We analyze unfiltered alerts, external threat intelligence, and traffic patterns for malicious activity. We correlate and find trends so you can be proactive and more resilient.
  • Create a security-aware and enabled workforce by developing a comprehensive strategy across people, technology, and processes. No matter where your information lives, be confident that it’s protected.

Symantec Solutions

Managed Security Services deliver security monitoring and management services around the clock to minimize business disruption and prioritize threats.
Data Loss Prevention discovers, monitors, and protects confidential data across networks, storage, and endpoint systems.
Endpoint Protection provides proactive protection against new and unknown threats and blazing performance across multiple platforms, including physical and virtual.
Email Security solutions deliver protection from malware, phishing, spam, and targeted attacks for cloud hosted or on-premise mailboxes.
Website Security Solutions provides cutting-edge SSL certificates, anti-malware, vulnerability protection and the #1 trust mark on the web to help protect and grow online businesses.