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If you know the name of a threat and are searching for a specific threat removal tool, then Security Response has generated multiple threat-specific tools to assist business customers.
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Symantec Power Eraser

This tool is aimed at detection and clean-up of “zero-day” threats as well as other threats which may have infected a user's system. Zero-day threats are those that take advantage of a newly discovered hole in a program or operating system before the developers have made a fix available – or before they are even aware that a hole exists. The Symantec Power Eraser is available today free of cost. It is the latest recovery tool developed by the Symantec Technology and Response division.
The Symantec Power Eraser is currently included in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Support Tool. Being both simple and fast to use, the tool offers a quick solution to remediating threats which have evaded detection by Symantec’s AV technologies.
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Review the Symantec Power Eraser Usage guide
The benefits of running Symantec Power Eraser:
  • Expedites your helpdesk team process by using Symantec Power Eraser as a first response remediation tactic.
  • Reduces employee downtime by allowing users to return to work quicker.
  • Requires no back-up and restoring of files as compared to the reimaging of systems.
  • Common alternatives such as individual threat remediation with threat-specific remediation tools, or reimaging of the workstations and restoring files, require more time and decreases productivity of the helpdesk team and the impacted employee.
Symantec Power Eraser:
  • Is not a solution to be deployed or implemented on large scale outbreaks.
  • Is not a replacement for regular daily AV scanners.
  • Will go through the process of rebooting the machine up to 2 times if it suspects that the machine is infected with malware, using the remediation workflow.
  • Will not protect against re-infection. Users should verify that their Symantec product is receiving updated virus definitions. This will ensure they are protected.
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