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Symantec Server Management Suite powered by Altiris technology

Symantec Server Management Suite 7.6 powered by Altiris technology provides IT administrators with a comprehensive solution for managing physical and virtual servers across a broad array of platforms. The suite provides solutions to provision, control, automate, and monitor servers from a central console. With these tools, organizations gain and maintain control of their servers, reduce service interruptions, and increase uptime.


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Community Spotlight

Cloud Ennoblement questions

I need a solution Hi all, needing some help with some cloud enablment questions. (7.5 SP1 HF5) 1. Do we only have to open the ports between GW and SMP plus only Site servers serving Cloud?  or we have to open the ports to all the PS ? 2. Can we use a TMG server in front of the IGW (So...

Posted: Mar 27, 2015 4:41:05 PM


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